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February was full with many other things. As I mention I had plans to work on my home office and so a lot of time fell to that. Also I felt like mindlessly playing on the phone. Reading was a bit slow this months but in the end three books done. Here are the February books.

The whale at the end of the world by John Ironmonger | ★★★★☆

What it is about: A man washes up in a small remote village, naked. The village people include him in their midst and give him a home. Joe Haag has fled the city knowing that there is an apocalypse on the horizon.
What I thought: I didn’t know what this book was a bout when I picked it up and I am glad. I might have not chosen a pandemic book right now. It was beautifully written, had some interesting thoughts that made me think. I didn’t care for the love story. I think it didn’t do anything for the entire plot. But I did care for the overall goodness of mankind.
Original Language and Title: English paperback, ebook alternative title Not forgetting the whale
Publications: German title “Der Wal am Ende der Welt” hardcover, paperback, eBook
Recommend to: Everyone loving a solid and well written piece of fiction that makes you ponder life.

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab | ★★★★☆

What it is about: Kell and Lila continue on separate ways after they managed to save the world. A tournament brings them back together. And it also brings back a known foe.
What I thought: I enjoyed continuing the series. While I am personally not the biggest fan of tournaments in books for some reason it was made with a few new aspects. I liked how Lila discovered her powers and how her character evolved. A major cliff hanger in the end, good thing I had the third one handy.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, eBook
Publications: German paperback, eBook
Recommend to: Loving fantasy, parallel worlds, female heroin, mysterious things, brotherly love and same sex relationships

Das Kind in dir muss Heimat finden by Stefanie Stahl | ★★★⋆☆

What it is about: A book about understanding yourself, the importance of childhood and as it shapes our true self, where limiting believes come from and how to break them.
What I thought: I have heard a lot about this book and for many people it was life changing. I took my time reading through it and it was at parts very interesting and eyeopening but far from life changing. However I have not done (yet) all the exercises it holds. It is one of those books when picked up at the right time will have major impact. I think I am a bit passed that point but a few years earlier it might have been life changing too.
Original Language: German paperback, ebook
Publications: English paperback, ebook and I have seen a few other languages
Recommend to: Everyone wanting to know more about limiting beliefs and strategies to break out of the patterns.

I also read two short stories (snagged as free ebooks). One set around another tiny village during Valentines Day and another creepy one in a world under the ocean. Both weren’t really that great but served the purpose to fall asleep again when waking up in the middle of the night with too many thoughts in my head.

Did you read anything fun in February? Let me know.

Happy reading


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