French Knitted Necklace :: My new Fall Necklace

It is time for a DIY on the blog. It’s not that I haven’t done any crafting, painting or diying lately. It just didn’t end up on the blog.

But I made this french knitted fall necklace and I am already in love with this style and I anticipate a few more coming.

french knitted necklace with stars
As a kid I was doing this craft for hours. I was the queen of french knitted robes. All my stuffed animals had leashes, I made little pouches, coasters and what not. And I remember I always got frustrated of limited possibilities. Only robes… boring.

But lately I had the urge to do this craft again and what can I say. Hooked. Just like back then. I have quite a few wool sausages laying around already. I have more some ideas of what else to make.

But today I want to show you my blue necklace I made. (The how to of french knitting can be watched best on YouTube.)

I always wondered how it looks when you end up knitting beads into the robes. Well I tried and it is fairly simple.

I stringed a bunch of star beads onto my thread before I started knitting. If you know approximately how many beads you will be needing it is easier because you can just do this before starting. Otherwise you would have to unravel your entire ball of thread.

blue french knitted necklace

Then I just placed them randomly and kept knitting as if they weren’t there. However I only used 3 out of my 4 thingies (what is it called? Teeth? Lips? You know what I mean). I think otherwise it would have been a bit tight.

french knitted necklace

In the end I just tied my three robes together. Added a chain and glued it all into the end piece. And done I was. Now I will add this to RUMS. Will I see you there?

Happy crafting,


2 thoughts on “French Knitted Necklace :: My new Fall Necklace

  1. Hi, Tobia!

    You’re so creative. I love it. The last time I wore a DIY necklace was crochet bib necklace. I am more into personalize necklace right now. Your creations are exceptional!


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