July Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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Last day of July. Tell me, where does time go these days? I know I am repeating myself when I say time flies but it really does. All being sucked into the handling of to-do lists and adulting and not much time spent into living. At least, that is what it currently feels like for me. Today I have a migraine again and I am exhausted. July has again been spend more hours in bed with drawn curtains and pain then I wished for.

But I really do not want to complain. I want to celebrate the moments that are fun. That are fulfilling. That are being lived. So let’s see what that was in July.

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in July

July was packed with to-do lists and stuff but celebrations were in the mix as well.

  • I celebrated planting my balcony.
  • I celebrated going to a networking event – which was rather successful and inspiring.
  • I celebrated swims in the lake.
  • I had to celebrate the life of my late godmother at her funeral.
  • I celebrated visiting my godmother for a sleep over after years.
  • I celebrated winning a couple games of memory – which was hard earned!
  • I celebrated having work even though it is a bit dull currently.
  • I celebrated lots of ice cream.
  • I celebrated the early mornings and their tranquility.
  • I celebrated good books.
  • I celebrated a very good talk with my mom.
  • I celebrated each day in our new home.
  • I celebrated a couple photo shoots and was reminded how much I love it.
  • I celebrated buying myself some new clothes.
  • I celebrated getting back into my Spanish practice.
  • I celebrated my fellow bloggers by leaving 14 comments.
  • I celebrated 22 migraine free days.

My goals and intentions for August

August will be hot. Hot is not necessary my favorite weather but it is much more bearable here at the waterfront. And I have some fun stuff planned.

  • I will celebrate our vacation at home. I made a list of things to explore in the neighborhood.
  • I will celebrate the school enrollment of my nephew.
  • I will celebrate every spoonful of ice cream.
  • I will celebrate reading on the balcony.
  • I will celebrate food on the table, water in the rivers and rain when it comes.
  • I will celebrate a trip to the bookstore to cash in my birthday gift card.
  • I will celebrate a neighborhood wine gathering.
  • I will celebrate each migraine free day.
  • I will celebrate to reach checkpoint 2 in my Spanish course.
  • I will celebrate each sunset.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you.

Enjoy your summer and let me know one thing you plan on celebrating in August.

Happy August


2 thoughts on “July Celebrations – Monthly Recap

  1. Oh, there were some lovely moments in July – so glad you got to spend time with your grandma and mom! Sorry to hear about your godmother’s passing.

    1. Thank you San. I find it really a great practice to write down the happy moments of a months. How often do I sit here thinking at was just blah but really there was lost of great things.

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