Currently in July 2022

currently in July

It is time for another take on Annes currently. I am glad I am able to join in again. I miss my blogging workflow and try to get back. But bear with me there is just so much going on – and my priority is not really spending more time on the computer to be honest.

Summer. As you may know as a frequent reader I am a winter lover and usually despise the hot summer months. Too warm, too loud, too smelly, too much migraines. However this summer is different. I am sure it’s mainly because we do live at the water now. Being on the balcony during hot days provides a steady breath so it’s bearable. There is no traffic and therefore ne fumes that cause a migraine.
Also I have been getting a tan without even trying. being outside so much to read and work and chill and observe did that. I believe the only time Ive been this tanned was with 18 when I was spending summer in Idaho. Oh and did I mention that I started to swim daily in the lake if I manage. I am trying to enjoy it and also exercise a bit. I am not the strongest swimmer and do have to really think about how far I swim and if I make it back as the way home is against the current but I am getting better by the day and actually enjoy it. Bonus points for refreshment. So yes I a enjoying summer this time around.

Not enough time. There are so many things I want to do. So many things that need to be done and then also a ton of work I am not able to catch up. I wasn’t able to work much during April and May due to the move and the surgery and at the same time it happened that I am basically taking over all the task from a team member who deiced to focus on something else. So all social media content lays with me. That would be manageable but there have also been new team members in that a) need to be onboarded b) challenge every established workflow c) want to get involved d) mess up time tables because their topics are so very important (mostly they are not) e) we have new approval processes that double the amount of work because we do it in two systems. Very annoying and exhausting. All this lets me neglect my other clients and work piles up. And of course I am still having a ton of boxes in my office that need to be unpacked but I a m just so tired at night. So yes a bit more time – or better time management would be a great thing right now.

I know I am probably repeating myself here but I am (still) hoping there is an option to stay I our new apartment. I told you the whole story previously that we were asked a week prior to moving in if we just don’t move in. Ever since we are waiting what is going to happen. If there is someone buying the apartment as an investment and is happy there are already people renting it or if someone want to move in. We’ve had potential buyers tour the house. One made a generous offer but the owner didn’t sell. We made offers that would have really hurt but we were willing to do everything to stay. He didn’t even take our offer serious. I guess the owner – saying he is in some financial predicament – just wants to make a shitload of profit. Ive lost all my empathy for him. So if you have any positive energy to send my way much appreciated.

Herbs and flowers and the right soil. I have finally deiced on the potting planters for the balcony and wait for the order to be delivered. I am not a hundred percent happy but I refuse to spend 200€ or more on a single one. Specially not knowing how long I may be able to use them. I would have liked to buy just two additional ones from the ones we already have but of course the are discontinued – and I hate if things don’t match. Anyhow, I finally made a decision. Now I need to decide what I plant. I want to create an herb garden. Mainly so I can grow some of my homemade tea ingredients.

My current list includes

  • mint – always mint
  • rosemary – perfect for my migraine tea blend
  • lemon verbena – never had that and supposedly its better to dry than lemon balm
  • bay laurel – my little tree that survived the past 4 years is growing strong since we moved
  • chives – perfect for my favorite dish and also for salads
  • parsley – better fresh than dried
  • thyme – not sure yet
  • camomile – hard to find in nature around here
  • cornflowers – make lovely color in a tea blend

And then I was gifted two plants of hydrangea and a beautiful rose. I need to find places for them. I was a bit green thinking I can just stuff them all in a planter and hope they grow. Now reading a book about creating garden it tells me each and every plant has different needs regarding the soil. Very plausible but I just hadn’t thought about it. So now I need to calculate how many plants per planter and where I set them and what soil I need. Very overwhelming.

My mask. And it feels like I am the only one by now. There are no longer required here in Germany unless you are using public transports and trains. But even there – specially in public transport gives a sh***. It is really annoying. In the supermarket yesterday I was the only one wearing one. Last week I was at the office and while I walked in with a mask and soon ditched it as I was the only one and it did feel weird when being with the colleagues. But while I also enjoy going back to a bit more carefree life I see that numbers are rising. I see that people in the office have Covid and feel very miserable and I don’t want to join the ranks. But then, how long can I ward it off. It’s been 2,5 years now. Are you still wearing your mask?

Now I think you’ve been all caught nut in my currently in June. What is new with you? What do you enjoy these days?

Happy July


6 thoughts on “Currently in July 2022

  1. I hope everything works out with your apartment and you get to stay. That’s one of the hardest things about renting. Your idea for a herb garden sounds lovely! I’m not a very good gardener but I love having plants around, especially ones I can use in cooking!

    1. I am not the best gardener either but I am getting better. Let’s see how far I get this time. Thank you for your kind words about the apartment

  2. Ugh, I feel you so hard on the mask wearing… I still do it diligently, I still haven’t had Covid as far as I know and I am not keen on changing that, but it gets harder and harder when everyone around you is not taking it seriously anymore.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for the apartment. I am so sorry to hear that the owner seems to be just out for profit. That is a tough situation in which to compete.

    1. And just when I read your comment my sister writes she is in quarantine… so no Covid is not over. And I really don’t want to catch it. I think I am going back to being more strict on wearing it no matter what people think of me.
      Yes the whole apartment thing is such a downer. I dont see any good outcome here for us unfortunately.

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