I am loving those annual reviews. They make you remember what happened the last 365 days and more than once I have rediscovered memories buried so deep that I didn’t know they happened. I also love those tv shows and try watching at least one but lately they really suck.

Anyway, after year one and year two here comes my recap of blogging year number three.

3 years of blogging

I don’t feel I have had the greatest blogging experience this year. Maybe I was preoccupied or maybe I felt other things had more importance in life. I don’t know.

This year I have been writing 57 blog posts. I am a bit sad that it is less than last year (75) but I guess that’s life. August was the best months and the month I was staying home unemployed so I guess you know why. But February with my little wedding series was good too. And as always December ist strong. I have many more ideas and I am hoping I will break the trend and write more, show you more and inspire more.

I am so glad that people stop by and read my words. I know we all have lots going on so I am thankful that you spend a few minutes of your life to read my blog. A special thanks to my most loyal blog readers who also take the time to leave a comment. Thank you Elisa, San, Feliz and Selma. Every comment makes me happy. I am also grateful for all the pople following me on Twitter (230), Pinterest (263) and Bloglovin (38). When I registered for a the blog conference Blogtacular they wanted to know my instagram handle. Didn’t have it. Who has time for another social media account, right? Anyhow like 2 hours later I signed up and I have to say while Twitter was my favorite 2014 it was Instagram (89) this year.

my instagram

In 2015 most people looked for mood boards on my blog. But again my wreath ideas are really popular too. Also a lot of you wanted to read about missed chances and why it’s ok. And a few of you searched for Kermakakku. My favorite post this year was probably my recap of our trip to the arctic circle. The article I put the most thought into was about my personal style. I also participated in some of Bine’s Schreibzeit topics but didn’t get around to writing as many as I hoped for. New year, new chance…

I created a new page for all my Advent and Christmas related topics. This took me forever to do as I didn’t understand the set up of the plugin. Just when I was ready to leave it be I decided to search one more time for a plugin. Well this one was great and I set up the page in an hour or so. And also my Dawanda shop got his own page.

While I was quite creative this year I feel like I didn’t spend much time on my photography. I blame it on my camera. I am no longer happy with it and might need to save up for a new one.

This year was probably my hardest blogging year so far. I had a lot of ideas but no time or energy to realize them. Often times I thought I should post something. Remembering why I started though kept me sane and I didn’t stress when I had nothing to share or just didn’t feel like it.

I am excited for 2016 and looking forward what it will bring.

Happy end of the year to you,


2 thoughts on “MY 2015: THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING

  1. Ich gehöre definitiv auch zu den Liebhabern deiner Kranzideensammlung!
    Manchmal ist es wirkluch wie verhext mit der verfügbaren Zeit, aber ich komme auch weiterhin gern bei dir vorbei, um wenigstens mal Hallo zu sagen :) Wünsche dir vom ganzen Herzen alles Gute für 2016.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Filiz recently posted…Besinnliche Weihnachtszeit…My Profile

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