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I do like art. You might have already guessed so much when looking at the continuous Instagram accounts I share here. I even wanted to do my Highschool degree in art but than I would have to take math as a second major. Which wouldn’t have worked out so well. Art has always been part of my life in some form or another. One of my plans is to invest in some real art piece within the next couple years. Currently I am compiling an art wishlist.

I have a few contenders so far and I want to share them with you:

Framed Birch Bark by Moya

When I started making my birch earrings I researched on how to work with this material. I came across the company Moya. My initial idea was actually to make a picture of the bark but here they are already doing what I was trying to accomplish. I love how clean the pieces are presented. The beauty of the bark is in the spotlight. I imagine having a piece in my office – something to touch to feel grounded. And maybe it even smells of the woods. Truly a beautiful piece of art.

Ocean Waves by Warren Keelan

Look at the silky look of the waves. If I ever have a huge minimalistic loft like living room I would invest in such a piece. I believe those photos need room to breathe. Waren Keelan is an Australian photographer spending every day in the ocean. His photos are an homage to the ocean, the water and the planet. When Australia was on fire he did some charity work and he genuinely cares about nature. I love that.

Embroidery Art by Clare Albans

My friend Clare – who I met back in 2015 at Blogtacular – has since started her own embroidery label. While you can get a kit and try your hand at some of her designs she is also doing custom work. They are really colorful and bright and always leave you happy when looking at them. They do not quite fit my interior style as I am more a white grey kinda girl but maybe a pop of color ist just what I would need. I might have an idea for a custom thing but I am still pondering it.

Indigo Rain Clouds by Natasha Newton

Natasha is a Uk based artist and I’ve been following her for a couple of year. I first got hooked by her stone painting art. Ever since I wanted to give it a try. But For my walls I would probably consider one of the rain clouds with silver white drops. They look so beautiful, calming and somehow happy – even though they are rainclouds.

Calligraphy Words by Jeannette Mokosch

Jeannette is is one of the most real persons I know on the internet. I love her down to earth attitude. And she is such a talented artist when it comes to word art. I would love to have a word calligraphed by her up on my wall. Maybe one of those days when I have the perfect word of the year I will commission that. Otherwise she has some beautiful prints in her shop already.

Do you have any original art in your house? I mean not that pictures you get at IKEA right before hitting the check out area. Or do you keep an art wishlist? I remember my parents buying a piece of art when we were in Israel. It was a very unique piece and I always liked to look at it.

Happy art admiring


PS: Did you know I also have a little art shop for my photography online?

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