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A couple months ago Lecy hosted the last Coffee Date for us. I wasn’t able to participate on our last virtual gathering but I kinda liked the series and so I continue on and hope you enjoy my unfiltered ramblings for now.

If you and I had coffee…
… I would need to whine about the water damage that we were made aware of this past Friday. Our neighbors rang our bell asking if we had any leaks. I check everything and even removed a bit of kitchen cabinets to have a look but couldn’t find anything. Monday afternoon our landlord rang the bell to have a look. We couldn’t quit locate the issue but it was apparent that the wall was wet. So He came back Tuesday afternoon and I had to remove the washer and moved cabinets and all. Unfortunately our washer hose has some issue and all the water – for who knows how long – has been dripping down the wall. We didn’t see any leaks in our apartment and we had no issue with the washer. We still don’t know what really happened but we are now living with emptied out cabinets and a washer in the middle of the kitchen for the next weeks (months) until everything is dry again. If we are lucky that is all there is otherwise we have to contact insurance and it will get expensive. While it is lucky we do not have a broken pipe and need to open up walls it still isn’t really cool. Currently we are both in the home office and we are tripping over all the junk. Hoping it will resolve soon.

If you and I had coffee…
… I ask you how much take-out you are currently ordering. While we haven’t done much ordering during the first lock-down we are much more willing to have delivery guys show up at our door and bring us food. I am not too enthusiastic about cooking. Mr. ♡ and I have quiet a different taste. Since I am eating lots more things I often end up eating not my favorite. Ordering makes it a bit easier – sometimes. Just the other day we ordered Five Guys Burger. In Germany a rather new chain. But if I could decide for myself I would probably eat vegetarian for the most part.

If you and I had coffee…
… I’d wonder how far you are with your Christmas preparations. It looks like everyone is a bit earlier this year. While I haven’t done any shopping or decorating yet I do occasionally think about how and what I need to get started on. I am also not sure how I will spend Christmas this year. Usually we are spending it with my parents in our country home. But I am not sure how that is possible or if we actually would like to do that. It is all so complicated this year.

If you and I had coffee…
… I’d appreciate your advise. I try to shop local in all the small independent stores who are struggling to survive. But to be honest it is a challenge. I have been on the hunt and trying to find a certain item in all the stores I can think of but I’m not lucky. I could simply oder through Amazon and be done with it. And I wouldn’t risk coming in contact with anyone. But I do feel right now is the time to support and not just be selfish. But it is a tough call. How do you handle it?

Lovely for you to join me on this virtual coffee date. Feel free to drop me a comment if you also write a post I should look at.

Happy Wednesday


6 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | NOVEMBER 2020

  1. I am so sorry about the water damage. That sucks. I hope it’ll be dry rather sooner than later.

    I am thinking about Christmas preparations too and I’ll probably also try to support small business… have you just looked locally or online, too? I’ll probably order most of my stuff online, and if possible, not from Amazon (although I know the convenience of it, sigh.)

    1. Yes the convenience is so tempting. I am trying to figure out where to get things locally without too much effort or exposure. But it’s more effort.

  2. If we had coffee, I would sympathize with the water damage – happened to us a couple of years ago and it is a huge pain! I would also mention that we have had more takeout in the last eight months than probably the last decade before then. We haven’t done much Christmas preparation yet, but next weekend we will be getting on with it. And we are trying to buy local or at least small businesses (like Etsy). Good luck with your gift search!

    1. yes water damage is not something you need right now specially when staying home all day every day. Etsy is a good choice for shopping local. I keep forgetting that. Thanks for the reminder

  3. Water damage also happened to us a couple of months ago while we were quarantined inside the house. Not the best timing and it was such a pain to deal with.

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