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I finally did it. It took me only a total of eight years. To find my new favorite spot? No, that is only the final result. It took me eight years to finish my “craft lab” aka my now home office. The first time I talked about this space here was back in 2013. I was writing my blog in German back then. My thinking process about the color scheme is one of the most visited posts.

In one of my previous NaBloPoMo postings I talked about the fear of a blank space and why I think I can not tackle this project. The project of having a blank room and can do basically anything. I had put this task on my to-do list. On my yearly intentions list and even on my 1000 in 101 bucket list. This year I gave it another go. Probably because of Covid and I was staring at the chaos during my video calls. So I finally fixed the ugly corner.


Blend in Wrapping Paper Storage

In this post I mentioned my inability of a perfectly wrapped present. That doesn’t mean I do not have the necessary equipment to do so. Who else is collecting wrapping paper like there is no tomorrow? But more often than not wrapping paper supplies are just ugly and sturdy to store. This bothered me for years until I came up with this “blend in wrapping paper storage” idea.

Maybe you have the same problem and maybe you have some unused space behind a door that was just waiting to get some purpose. Well here might be your solution.

blend in wrapping paper storage

I try to explain it to my best ability. In the end though it depends on your available space and the things you want to store. So see it as a guideline rather then a real tutorial. But for better understanding I made this measurement chart and if you want you can download it here.


blend in wrapping paper storage_Measurments

What you need:

❤︎ sturdy fabric in your wall color depending on your measurements
❤︎ 2 eyelets

blend in wrapping paper storage_bags


  1. This project contains of three fabric pieces: part I = basic piece, part II = paper roll bags, part III = ribbon bags
  2. Measure your space.
  3. I went with a width of 70cm and a hight of 110cm holding 10+ paper rolls and lots of ribbons.
  4. The cover up is basically just a flap of fabric 5 cm bit longer so it covers the bulk. Which I added to my actually size.
  5. So my basic piece is 70 x 225 cm.
  6. I added about 2,5cm seam allowance to all my edges. Depending on your fabric you could double your seams on the edge where the eyelets will go so they won’t rib once weight is added.
  7. For piece II: I went with a total of 150cm. This adds up as I had 10 smaller bags (each 10 cm) and two bigger ones in the middle (each 25cm)
  8. For piece III: I went with 100 cm and a height of 18 cm but you can be flexible here depending on what you will want to store. Just make sure the pockets down’t spill over.
  9. Sewing together is actually pretty easy. it only gets a bit tricky when you have to adjust part II to  part I. I went with adding the outer edges first. Then I played out the bottom one and pinned it the creases in place. I put the facing each other so they sing open when the role ist stuck inside.

blend in wrapping paper storage_creases

10. In the end you just hammer in the eyelet. This could be a tough job depending on your fabric and you definitely should have a sturdy underground. I might or might not have damaged the hard wood floors in the process.

Then you are good to hang it and fill it with all your goodies and it will blend right in with your wall when not being needed.

blend in wrapping paper storage_open closed

What do you think? Would you like it? How do you store your gift wrapping papers?

Happy sewing,


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Evil has a new face {Getting a craft room}

craft room

Hey everyone,

ever wondered what happened to my craft room project? A lot and nothing. Well here is the story:

End of July I finally made it to IKEA and got the first load of cabinets. It wasn’t the first visit. After two previous trips where I just left totally overwhelmed and frustrated. Had you ever had the luxury to have an empty room and you can put anything in there? I mean not a single thing NEEDS to go there. Nothing, you can start working with! It totally threw me off. My mind just quite and I could not imagine a single thing I wanted to have.

Anyway in July I got cabinets and wanted to get started with the lower ones and the desk. I still hadn’t figured out how exactly it should look like. So I just got everything in there and moved it around. It was helpful and I got a better idea how everything should look like. I was making my (first) trip to the hardware store to get screws and plastic dowels. Ambitiously I started the with the thin new wall (right side) and was so happy everything went smoothly. So over ambitiously I turned to the other wall. There I met EVIL. First just this one hole. I figured ahhh there are two more holding the cabinet, it will work. It did work. It hang there for a week until I had time to move the first things to the cabinet. Than the cabinet decided to came crushing down on me. OUCH. My shoulder hurt and I was done.

But I wanted to get done, too. So I got out the superhero which helped us several times in this apartment already. A day later the cabinets where all in its place and I was happy.

craft room

So another trip to IKEA in early September. The entire apartment full of boxes. Hardly a place to step. A huge mess. A few days later another expensive trip to the hardware store. Another person, another opinion on how I can handle those walls.

So I started with the first hanging cabinet (right wall). Didn’t get very far. The drill got into the wall only 1,5 cm. Any hole I tried. And there were a few. So I charged the batteries. Nothing. I went down to the basement and got the big guns (read drill hammer). Nothing. Another trip to the hardware store one Saturday morning. The needed drill cost me 30 €. Anyway I finally had the next hole for the first hanging cabinet. 19 more to go (just the right wall).

craft room

Anyway lets go to the EVIL wall – the left one. Ever tried to screw a sand castle? Yep thats what happened here. The first 2 cm is just dust, the drill springs to any place it wishes (not always compatible with the cabinets) and then you hit rock bottom. Those red bricks they used a hundred years ago – evil. Good thing I equipped myself with blitz cement on my previous hardware store visit. But blitz it is. Hardly enough time to mix it and get up that ladder.

By now it took me four weeks to hang five little cabinets. 3 more to go. And those are the big ones I cant’t hang myself. Seems like I am in for another few weeks before everything is in place. And the I still need to get my stuff in there and organize.

And all I want is to be a bit crafty… in my craft room!

Ok, this post got way longer than anticipated. I guess it needed to get out.
Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your day off.


HELP: too many room layout options {Getting a craft room}

In the end of April I have been thinking about a color scheme for my craft room. It has been crazy here and nothing really happened there to be honest. Currently the room looks like this:

p58_craft room today

Yesterday the painter was here again (yes yesterday) to cover up all the mistakes, missed spots and screw ups. So officially the room is ready for the move in. I’m not really bothered that we pay rent since June…  Unfortunately with everything going on here, I have no clue what to do with the room. So that is where I need your help. Here are my first ideas and thoughts:

craft room layout
view into the room, door on the left hand side

I wanted the craft area to be near the window. Right now the light situation is really bothering me and I can only sew when it’s daytime. The other important thing for me was enough desk space. I want an area to cut fabric without robbing around on the floor. And this way there is also room for crafting gatherings. And of course I need as much storage as possibly.

When turning around it looks like this:


craft room layout
little lounge & reading area

I wanted a little area to sit and read, drink a cup of tea or even chat. The room will also be functioning as a guest room. Since I didn’t think a couch would fit in here I went with a lounge chair which can be made into a bed. Maybe I even have room for two chairs. That would be nice → hence the chatting.

craft room layout Grundriss

So here is the room layout. What do you think? I’m mulling over those questions right now:

• Is the room too packed with all the storage space?
• Should the desk be on the left wall?
• Is there enough space to comfortably sleep in the room?
• Do I need this much desk space or is one desk element enough before the L-thing starts?

I have tried a few alternatives:

craft room layout


The wall on the right side is very thin so I am not sure if it is smart to hang that many cabinets.craft room layout lounge area

Or a variation with the desk on the left side.

craft room layout

craft room layout

I actually like the last picture, now looking through my options again. But still the wall is not very sturdy.

So I’m lost in all my thoughts. Any comment is appreciated. Go crazy, I’m counting on you.

Have a great weekend, Tobia

P.S. Oh and about the color scheme. I think I go with a petrol shade but only in the area of the reading nook. This way it’s easy to change if I’m sick of it. 

Colorful Moodboards {Getting a craft room}

Ich habe ja das unglaubliche Glück bald ok in naher Zukunft einen eigenen Hobbyraum zu beziehen. Hier hatte ich davon schon berichtet.

In der vergangenen Woche wurden Wände eingerissen und diese Woche der Fußboden verlegt. Bald soll der Maler kommen…

Nun bin ich auf der Suche nach einem Farbkonzept. Und ich kann mich nicht entscheiden….. aaaahhhhhh

Was ich weiß:
Das Zimmer sollte hell sein. Also als Grundfarbe weiß und/oder ein helles grau. Nun brauch ich eine Akzentfarbe. Ich mag keine Gelbtöne und rot ist mir zu dominant. Und mit grün kann ich auch nix anfangen…

Im Internet bin ich einen Post gestolpert bin, hab ich mich schwerst verguckt inn die geniale Kombi peachy nectarine mit grau. Ich habe mal ein Moodboard gebaut. Was haltet ihr davon?

p42_moodboard peach

via Pinterest: 1. Kette, 2. peachandgray, 3. Tapete, 4. Sofa, 5. Lampignon, 6. Zuckerherz, 7. Blüten, 8. Schreibtisch, 9. Eis

Ursprünglich wollte ich ein Zimmer in grau-pink. Allerdings habe ich Sorge das mir pink zu schnell auf den Zeiger geht und ich mich daran übersehe… Also dachte ich an etwas abgetöntes. Nun bin ich mir aber nicht sicher ob mir das zu mädchenhaft ist. Was meint ihr?

p42_moodboard rosa

via Pinterest: 1. Baiser, 2. Wish, 3. Sofa, 4. Bett, 5. Ballons, 6. Blume, 7. Farbe, 8. Deko, 9. Küchlein 

Und dann ist da noch meine Liebe für Petrol. Ich liebe diese Farbe und bilde mir ein, das sei meine Augenfarbe (jaja in Wahrheit ist es graublaudreckig aber egal…). Die Farbe würde ich dann aber mit einem hellen grau kombinieren sonst wäre das ganz schön dunkel. Könnte das zu kalt wirken?

p42_moodboard petrol

 via Pinterest: 1. Glaschandelier, 2. Vorhang, 3. Wand, 4. Tuch, 5. Ombre Garn, 6. Zimmer, 7. Wasser, 8. Schmetterlinge, 9. Pailletten

Oder doch alles in grau-weiß-schlammlila?

p42_moodboard mauvevia Pinterest: 1. Bett, 2. Torte, 3. Gräser, 4. Federn, 5. Raum, 6. Blüte, 7. Steine, 8. Federn, 9. Sofa

Ach so viele Möglichkeiten und keinen blassen Schimmer… Also was sind eure Favoriten? Habt ihr Bedenken an die noch gar keinen Gedanken verschwendet habe? Hat jemand ein Zimmer in den Farbtönen? Experten bitte vortreten ich bin für alle Infos zu haben.

Ich geh jetzt mal weiter grübeln….