My Winter Bucket List 2020

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Should I actually write a list for the coming season? I mean what is there to look forward to? I am not assuming 2021 starts much better than 2020 will end. But maybe that is exactly why I should write my winter bucket list 2020 – some things to look forward to. Here is my attempt:

  1. Watch snowflakes
    Dancing snowflakes in front of my windows are so mesmerizing. The winter of 2019/2020 only brought snow in March to Berlin. I am hoping this season we have at least some snow to enjoy.
  2. Bake something new to me
    I skipped baking last year because of my arm injury and because I didn’t want to eat all the things I baked. This year I don’t care about the calories and will back lots. And I would like to try a new recipe next to all my staples.
  3. Watch all the Christmas Movies
    Yes yes yes … my list is long and I am still gathering more.
  4. Enjoy frozen cheeks
    After coming back from a walk outside and your cheeks are slowing defrosting. Best feeling to know you are alive.
  5. Read
    As always I will (read at least) one Christmas book. I have my eye on a few but will decide on my mood. Also I hope to read a bit more during the Holidays and make the most of the Unlimited Deal I am going to snatch up.
  6. Write letters
    As every year I will write my annual Christmas cards. All by hand and all very individually. I think I add a few more people to the list just because this years needs more joy. And sending a letter is so easy.
  7. Find a Word
    It’s the time of year to gather another “word of the year”
  8. Reflections
    I will again reflect on 2020 and set private and business goals for 2021. I will use “Unravel your year” again as well as the guide in “Ein guter Plan”.
  9. Go ice skating
    Yes this is an re-occuring thing until its finally cold enough so I can go ice skating on a lake.
  10. Celebrate our Anniversary
    Obviously there will be no anniversary trip possible in 2021 but I hope to make it a nice enough day.

Share one thing you would like to do this winter season! And do you keep a winter bucket list 2020 or have you given up for a joyful season.

Happy winter


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