Sitting in the rain {MMI #2}


Hey there,

it’s been raining here for over a week? Not that long? I’ve kinda lost track… Is it raining for you too? Summer is hiding somewhere but not in my area… But you know what, I still kinda like this weather. Because I do have the luxury of an roofed balcony.

roofed balcony

It is tiny, and it took us 7 years to finally have it somewhat nice, with chairs that fit, are comfortable to sit in more than an hour and bit stylish too and where not financially out of reach. And I actually manage to keep the plants alive for more than 8 weeks by now. Yeah me.


So I don’t care if it is raining outside. I am not getting wet, I can have a cup of tea, enjoy fresh rainy air (isn’t is such a great smell?) and be at peace.

And since I really really like it I had to add it to this weeks round up over at Frollein Pfau.

Have a great Wednesday,


6 thoughts on “Sitting in the rain {MMI #2}

  1. Wirklich schön geworden! Wir haben auch einen überdachten Balkon, bei uns steht nur leider zur Zeit der Wind so oft drauf und wir dürfen leider nichts an den Wänden anbringen. Aber das “im Sommerregen sitzen” find ich auch total toll! Liebe Grüsse!

    1. mhm ich hab gar nicht gefragt ob wir da was anbringen können upsi.
      Mit dem Wind bei euch ist ja doof. Aber bei uns ist es zur Zeit auch windig, zumindest seh ich das an den verdrehten Blumen.

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