Starry Night #1 * Star Garland * DIY Advent Calendar

star garland

Ohhhh I am soooo excited to get this advent started. I love love love advent and the coming Christmas Season.

It has been a long dream of mine to do a DIY calendar. You read all the give-away calendars on the blogs and I admit I like them and hope to win one thing or another.

star garland

But for me it’s nothing to do with the season. For me this season is all about quiet hours, cups of tea when there is snowfall outside and sitting together and making Christmas presents or little decoration. When we were kids my mom used to do “Adventsstündchen”. This is were we sang songs, made cookies, crafted presents, rehearsed Christmas plays… And I have the very best memories of those hours and I try to integrate a bit of this calming and relaxing yet so exciting time in my hectic days.
With this advent calendar I hope you join me and find a bit of Christmas spirit within you.

So since we are all busy and I assume most of you haven’t gotten time to get out decorations we start with one of those… Or maybe you are fed up with seeing the same decoration year after year? Well, let me help you!

star garland essentials

Let’s make a star garland! You need: nice paper ( I recycled my wedding invitations)
Star punch
Satin ribbon
And a bit of time

The how to is quite simple. Punch a bunch of stars out of the paper while watching one of the best Christmas movies. Then glue the stars to the ribbon leaving even spaces in between. I always glued to stars together and having the ribbon between them.

Now use your ribbon to spruce up a branch, your window or the Christmas Tree.

star garland

That leaves me with a question: when are you putting up your tree? I feel like people starting earlier and earlier. We always put ours up on the 24th in the morning.

Have a great first of December, Tobia

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