Starry Night #2 * Star Cup * DIY Advent Calendar

star cup

A cup of tea a few minutes to unwind and look out of the window on a December Morning is all I need to start a great day. It’s so peaceful and all the rush is (still) far away.

I have a favorite cup but not because it looks great (I really despite the color green) but I love love the size. I ate tiny cups! Who needs those? Well at least for tea.

So I figured I give this one another chance by pimping it.

star cup

My new old Star Cup!

It’s another DIY that goes without saying. Get yourself a porcelain maker and get crafty.

I tried myself in freehand star drawing… Well I guess if practicing you’ll master it. I kinda like this porcelain drawing so I might pick some cups up at my next ikea trip and make a present. Got another idea!

star cup

Have you ever drew on porcelain? Will you share with us? Leave a link.

Have a great day and happy crafting, Tobia

PS: It’s also a creadienstag submission.

One thought on “Starry Night #2 * Star Cup * DIY Advent Calendar

  1. Hi Tobia! Your mug is precious. It makes me want to cuddle up with some hot tea. I recently did some Sharpie on porcelain action for a post I’ll be doing this week, and I also did something similar on glass for a DIY Christmas gift last year. Here’s the link:

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