Starry Night #15 * Jewelry Star * DIY Advent Calendar

jewelry star organization

Even though you haven’t seen much jewelry here on craftaliciousme I do make my own. And I tend to have matching earrings for all my favorite sweaters and shirts, for certain seasons and moods. Making my jewelry drawer quite messy. Well it’s ok but I don’t really see all the ones I have and that is sometime not great.

So here comes my organizing Jewelry Star!

jewelry star organization

You need:
♥ plain canvas (your size of choice)
♥ acrylic paint
♥ brush
♥ rivets (with a hole!)
♥ hammer
♥ deaf neighbors

Now get creative with your canvas. As you have realized by now I am more the simple girl. Most of my color schemes are white, grey, silver and sometimes there is a pop of color. So here I went with plain silver on silver. But how great would copper rivets look like? Any idea where to get those?!

When your canvas is dry you can start hammering away. I suggest trying it out on a practice cloth. I needed a few rivets to figure out the best way to do this.

jewelry star organization

What I learned: Even though you want to be nice to your neighbors you need a solid ground for working. My desk was to wobbly and a carving board on my carpet didn’t do me any good either. In the end I worked on the floor.

When you are done enjoy your new found jewelry organization and discover those earrings you never new you had. I sure did. ups!

Happy hammering, Tobia

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