Starry Night #4 * Star Christmas Tree * DIY Advent Calendar

star christmas tree

Have you already ordered Christmas presents? So you do have those cartons cluttering your apartment/house. Good because we’ve gonna need them.

Today’s advent calendar DIY is great for the kids too.

So let’s get started right away with making a Star Christmas Tree

star christmas tree

♥ 10 sizes of stars as stencil – I used a cookie cutter set
♥ card board
♥ string, ribbon or something like that
♥ wooden beads

Cut your stars one of each size.
Now cut your string with a length of approx 30 cm.
Attach your wooden bead to one end and add a knot to hold it in place. Now start beading your paper stars and wooden beads.

star christmas tree

Add another bead on top and leave a bit of string so you can hang your Star Christmas Tree.

Get a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy you advent.

Happy crafting, Tobia

P.S. I’ll add it to the Nina’s upcycling link-up.

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