Avocado Tree Growing #2

Hey there,

it’s time for an update on my green thumb experiment.

As you can see I didn’t trust myself much with only one pit so I bought a couple more, ate them and put them right next to my wedding pit. Now can you see the difference in size?! Crazy huh?

avocado pit

What I’ve learned so far:

  • They need a lot of water. I easily add 1 drinking glass of water a week to keep them hanging the the water
  • I peeled off the skin of the pit as suggested in some post I’ve read online
  • However I am not sure if that was such a good idea.
  • I am impatient to see some sprout by now – but it’s been only a little over 5 weeks…

avocado pit

So hopefully next round of avocado pit pictures we can see some sprouts.

See the story behind: Part I

The Newlyweds { Winter Wedding Special }

winter wedding garland

Oh my it’s been a bit over a month! I am a so called newlywed now. I know some of you wanted to see pictures. I was pondering if I want to show them or not… Overall it is one of those private moments… But then I had a lot of nice little details in my wedding and I think you might like them, might even want to do them yourself.

You remember we were planning a snow wedding. So this was our theme. Our colors white, silver, grey and a touch of mauve/purple. Everything turned out great just the snow melted two days prior… Came back a day after the wedding though. So no luck on this side… But you know what, it didn’t matter at all that day…

We welcomed our guests with a few essentials for the weekend:
wedding welcomea blanket to get cozy, socks for cold feet, aspirin for the anticipated headache, a bottle of water – because it’s just healthy, a program and a bag of peanuts to make it to dinner.

Yes we had a “rehearsal dinner”. I just love this word. No that wasn’t the reason. We wanted to have a weekend get-away for all our guests so everyone arrived Friday for dinner. It was great.

Saturday we had to get ready and despite the fact I had a looooot of time, in the end I was a bit late. You really underestimate getting this dress tied up…

getting ready getting ready

We “only” had a ceremony in the city hall. However we were very picky with the location & atmosphere we wanted to get married in. We looked all over Germany and we ended up in Goslar.

Kaiserpfalz Goslar

We got married in the winter hall (Wintersaal) of the Imparial Palace (Kaiserpfalz).

Wintersaal Goslar

Our registrar was really great, would have even told (parts) of the ceremony in English for our out of country friends and decorated the room with over 50 candles. We only threw in the two furs and added a bow to the wooden pillars. Two big candles on the desk and voilá. Our guests had some tissue on their chairs. But somehow no photo… sorry.

After the ceremony we had a reception outside. It was supposed to snow. We were serving mulled wine and hot chocolate in those cute coffee to go mugs…

wedding coffee to go

Everyone could keep his mug as a little souvenir. While sipping our hot drink we started with the group photo shoot. It started to get really cold and windy so the guest left for the hotel and we kept going for bit longer:

it's cold outside


landscape wedding couple

A few more pics of our winter wedding coming your way. But for now I need to get to my thank you cards.

Have a great weekend, Cheers, Tobia

P.S. Check out what I wore as hair accessory or what wedding DIY’s I did!

All pictures taken by our wonderful wedding photographer Anja Schneemann.

Avocado Tree Growing { MMI }

avocado tree growing

Good Morning!

Today I Love Avocados!

I got a really funny wedding present: an avocado! Actually two! My new relatives in the DR know I love avocado and they also know we never really get any ripe ones here. So hence the wedding present. And let me tell you they are huge! I mean not the tiny things we got. They were at least the size of a big mango. Really. Anyways I already ate them so no pic here.

But I figured it’s kinda sad to get an avocado, eat it and then it is gone. So I figured: I GROW A TREE. Now you need to know I am somewhat of a plant killer. During summer time I might manage to keep my balcony plants alive for 2-3 months but either I am on vacation or weather isn’t so great i don’t go to the balcony daily and tada: dead.

avocado tree growing

So here it is. I just put it online : my tree and report back once in a while. I hope this way I am eager enough to actually water it. Right now it is easy – it sits in a glass of water. It will take up to 3 months until I get some sprouts. Well, I keep you posted. But now I better hurry to work.

Cheers, Tobia

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Hair accessory DIY { Winter Wedding Special }

sparkling hair accessory

Hello my dear ones!

I am back. I am back in real life, woke up from my personal fairy tale and I am back as a wife (now that does sound old and dusty…). Anyway I have a bit of a hard time adjusting and embracing the everyday and work life and all that. I know you are super excited to see some wedding pictures. Let’s start off with something simple. A quick DIY.

When planning my wedding I had big plans on what do DIY and what I wanted and on the other hand I really didn’t have a clue. Well for my hair I always knew it needs to be an up-do. However I wasn’t sure about the accessory. I was secretly wishing for a tiara but everyone kept telling me it’s cheesy and if I wanna be a princess and stuff. So I settled on a sparking simple hair comb I wanted to DIY. I got the supplies in January but didn’t do anything by mid/end of January. Being at my tailor for one of the final dress fittings we came to talk about accessories and she told me I could order some with her. So we looked into the catalogue and there it was. My dream hair thingy. So I figured why stress, just order. And while I was at it I figured: You only get married once whats the greed? Get a tiara as well and decide on your wedding day what to wear. Oh I was so happy with that decision.

But then on my last dress fitting about 10 days before the big day I learned that my order was undeliverable. Wedding accessories are only available starting in March. Hello? What about the winter bride? I know the wedding seasons high peak is in summer but really what is that? I was able to talk my tailor into giving me some sparkling ribbon thing and I got to do my DIY in the end. Here it is my sparkling hair accessory for a winter bride or any other sparkling occasion:

sparkling hair accessory tutorial

You don’t need many supplies (1). Cut two rows of ribbon the length of the comb (3). BUT add two more rhinestones to the length. This will give you a better edge finish (4,5). Then you basically you just glue everything on the comb. I started with the bottom line of sparkles and then added the top row. This way you can angle the top row a bit so it looks neater.

It is very simple isn’t it? And while I was at it I figured: why not make one for my dear readers.

So here it is – my very first Give-Away. Leave a comment and let me know what you would love to read on my blog, what you miss or why you come by. I am so curious.
I will pick a lucky winner on March 16th. Good luck to you.

Cheers, Tobia

Oh! And you probably wanna see how I ended up wearing it, huh? Well here we go:

sparkling hair accessory

Last photo taken by Anja Schneemann

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Wedding Guest: Elisa from Globetrotting in Heels {Winter Wedding Special}

island of sardinia

Today I want you to meet Elisa from Globetrotting in Heels. She is last one of my virtual wedding guests. But I’ve also met Elisa in May last year during The Hive. And just for meeting her it was all worth it. She is truly a person who’s seen the world. Or better – lived all over the world, in so many countries and is still hungry for more. I am so happy she is sharing her most favorite place today. 

If I had to use one word to describe myself, I would probably say vagabond.

I realize that this specific word has a negative connotation, but hear me out: where one may think of a vagrant who leads such an instable existence that he doesn’t have any ties to any specific place, I see a soul who has such a strong wish for freedom and adventure that one beautiful place is just not enough, for so many more are out there calling their name. Where one may see someone who chooses a life of loneliness and isolation with no place to call home, I see someone who wants to make friends everywhere, whose family isn’t limited to blood relations, who has not one but many homes, because home is where your heart is, and I have left a bit of my heart in every place I have visited or where I have lived.

So, vagabond  it is, then. If it was up to me, I would be constantly on the go, always flying, walking, driving, riding somewhere. My life would literally be a constant journey, each destination just a stop on the way to the next one.

And yet of all the beautiful places I can think of, there is one that I cannot imagine not returning to on a regular basis: my home island of Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

island of sardinia

When I think of Sardinia, three words come to mind: Wild. Beautiful. Warm.

WILD. This is a land of lush, savage vegetation, sharp cliffs that dive into the emerald-blue sea; a land where often locations can only be reached by boat or by driving on unpaved country roads so bumpy you might wish you had rented a jeep, and often wonder if you took a wrong turn somewhere, until you get to the place and you’re all ah, that’s what all the fuss was about! Totally worth it.

island of sardinia

BEAUTIFUL. This isn’t something that anyone who has ever been to Sardinia will argue with – for how can you argue about the beauty of the white sandy beaches, of water so transparent that you can see people swimming in it even while you are standing at the top of a cliff, of the many colors clashing and marrying in nature, from the yellow of the Spanish Broom flowers to the dark green of the bushes, to the pale beige of the sand, to the blue-green of the water?

island of sardinia

WARM. Sardinia isn’t the land of eternal summer, but from where I am standing, in chilly mountainous Switzerland, it may as well be. Three full months of hot summer, warm spring and fall, and mild winters. And in any season, you can go for a walk on the beach, hear the waves crashing on the shore, smell the sea and breathe that fresh, wonderful, revitalizing sea air. I just love it.

island of sardinia

Is it because it’s home, or is it because it’s awesome? Either way, as favorite places go, it’ll do nicely, won’t it?

island of sardinia

Wow. I am enchanted. I do think I really really need to set foot on this island. It is definitely coming on my want-to-visit list. Thank you Elisa for being my guest. I am really honored.
All pictures are © by Elisa www.globetrottinginheels.com and may not be used without her permission.