Things I Bought Multiple Times

Things I bought multiple times craftaliciousme

If you are also liking the random compilations of things and a tiny peek into life you are right where you need to be. I felt like listing all the things I bought multiple times and that I will most likely continue to purchase over and over again. The original idea for this post was sparked when reading Kates list.

1. Ein Guter Plan

I think it’s been five years already when this mindfulness calendar was in a crowd funding. It was the first time I ever participated in such a thing and have not regretted it. I have mentioned multiple times on this blog what I love about this planner and why I keep on purchasing it. I never really used it as a planner and more like a journal. Even though I have to admit I have been slacking in my journaling practice I am looking for getting a new planner. Maybe I am trying on of the undated Ein Guter Plan ones to not have too many empty pages. The good thing about the planer in icy opinion is the life evaluation in the beginning.

2. Skiny Bra

It’s so so hard to find the perfect bra. Are you nodding your head? I finally found one. It might not be those most sexy version with lace and stuff but it is comfortable. And this bra is almost wearable with every piece of clothes. I just ordered a replacement and I’ve got two out of three colors in the wardrobe. I just wished they came in some fun colors – even limited edition so there is a bit fun in it. But comfort beats fun on most days. On another note why are bras such a weird piece of cloth anyways…

3. Aloe Vera Gel

I have really weird skin. Often dry but when using moisturizing skin care it feels like my skin can’t breathe and a tiny film of sweat is deveohpling. Very uncomfortable. I used a Hyaluron Serum for many years but unfortunately it was discontinued and I also wanted to switch to more natural skin care. I found this Alterra Aloe Vera Gel in my local drugstore and I am very happy. And its even reasonably priced.

4. Magic Leaves Laundry Paper

Remember my post about being more sustainable and all the things I have already accomplished to include in my life. There I mentioned that I still need a better option for laundry. Well I found something rather genius – magic leaves. Its a postcard sized piece that you just pop into your washer. I really like not to a) carry heavy bottles of liquid soap b) not throwing away tons of plastic bottles c) saving up shelf space. I am just wishing for special options for wools and blacks. Also the white seems to be not as white as with my previous whites. I have definitely re-bought it a couple off times and will to stop anytime soon.

5. Plants

Now this one is a ridiculous one. Every year I replant my balcony just to kill half the plats before summer is here. I just can’t help it. I apparently don’t have a very green thump but I do like a cozy and greenish balcony. So I keep on buying plants.

6. Raw Vegan Cookies

In the beginning of the year when I didn’t eat sugar for 3 month I discovered those raw vegan gluten free paleo cookies and gave them a try. Let me tell you those are probably the best healthy cookies there are. They do not taste “green”. They are not dry as dirt. They do not taste like corn meal. Even the husband loves them. I have sent them via mail. And I just discovered the have a few flavors I have not yet tried – salted caramel almond anyone?

7. Edding 1200 metallic blue

Every year since I started my freelance business in 2017 I am writing New Years cards to my clients and business contacts. Yes I do that by hand. I think last year it was around 70 or 80 cards. Every single card is slightly different. It is the only marketing thing I actually do for myself. It does take for ever but it is so worth it. And this pen is the one that almost hits my business colors.

What are the items that keep on landing in your shopping cart over and over and over again? Name one item in the comments.

Happy shopping


This post was not sponsored in any aspect. I alone decided what items to list. But if those companies want to sponsor this blog I am on board.

2 thoughts on “Things I Bought Multiple Times

  1. Oh, I love these kinds of posts (as you know! And great job on the collage!) … I am very intrigued by the planner. I’ll be looking for a new one for 2021 soon.

    1. I am sure you would love this kind of planner. It has bullet journey features lots of mindfulness and enough space to actually plan your work stuff and private things.

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