Thoughts about my Personal Style

Hey Lovelies,

I have always wondered if I have a certain personal style. There are times when I feel insecure in my clothing choices. Mainly in job situations where I feel my style is not showing off this business power woman I want to be or maybe feel like I need to be?!

personal style idea book

I love the style of these ladies. Powerful yet femine, sexy but not showing anything really.

I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to: Kate’s, Gwen’s, Eva’s and Victoria’s Style – Fashion.

I realize when browsing through patterns I usually liking and earmarking dresses maybe skirts.
So why do I usually end up with jeans and T-Shirt? Because it’s comfy! So is comfy a style? But then there was a time when I loved to wear suit pants. Followed by a phase wear I just loved wearing gym clothes (the tight stuff) mixed with jeans. That felt so energetic and ready to jump at any adventure. But then came the business world and with that the confusion. Every business area has it’s own styling characteristics. So the closet was stacked with black dress pants and the red sneakers found their way into the trash bin.

Well until working at a fashion label in December 2013. Since than dresses and skirts appeared in my closet. And some of those skirts I’ve been sewing – because, hello, easier than pants – were actually worn outside the apartment. And despite my love-hatred they actually do feel comfy too. Only I really don’t like tights, but maybe I haven’t found the best ones yet?! Anyway so suddenly more feminine clothing…

But what does it say about me? Am I a push-around to wear whatever is considered normal? Or am I just a chameleon trying to fit in? Even though this might be true in some situation I really don’t like this thought too much.

So I wondered if there is a bigger picture I might not see. Maybe I don’t see my style because it’s so natural to me? Is there maybe something people comment about? Is there a thing I always do and if not feel uncomfortable by or feel bothered? Maybe not even with myself but with other people I encounter?

Looking back on my own style history, with those questions in mind, there is one constant: I am a color coding addict!

color coding personal style

That’s my style! And I love it!

Now what does it mean? I took a couple shoots off my outfits I wore lately.

I usually don’t wear more than 3 colors at the same time – most likely two. I try to have a matching shoe color for all outfits. However my weakest point, as I cannot have all colors. But my accessories ALWAYS match. When I buy a new color and I do not have matching earrings? I make them! Lately I have been into necklaces – but I only got brown, red, black, silver and I needed to make a blue one.

personal style color coding

But I do not stop here. My eyeliner also matches. Wearing white? White eyeliner it is. It’s a coral day? Here we go coral eyeliner. If I don’t go with the eyeliner it is the lips – working great with red and pink shades. If I have the time my nails are of course matching too. So it may happen that one week I wear the same color pallete just because my nails are painted.

I usually wear my perfume according to my mood – but more than once this means I am grabbing the “right colored flacon”. Call me crazy but that’s how I roll.

How about you?! Are you going with trends or how do you define your style?!



8 thoughts on “Thoughts about my Personal Style

    1. I do have a lot of dark colors too and just recently reintroduced color to my wardrobe. It makes me happy! I thinks this summer will be lots of blues

  1. Uh, love this article. When I was asked about my style, I answered “comfy”. Since then I am also wondering if I even have a style. Someone told me years ago, that my style is sporty? And the thing with colors… I am feeling quite unsecure which colors suit me.
    But I totally get that you choose your perfums after the color of the flacon.
    I would be interested which color is for which mood. ;)
    Nina / timbaru recently posted…12 von 12 – Ein Tag im MärzMy Profile

    1. Haha yeah I was thinking comfy/sporty is my style too.
      Well concerning the perfume. It mainly is the smell that gives me some sort of association. So it’s cool water (blue) for sports, sping/summer is burberry summer (rosé), waking up and getting happy is my Green Tea (green), when being business and elegant its armani (gold/brown)… you get the idea

  2. I’m with you! I really like dresses but I hate tights, so I end up wearing dresses a lot more in late spring, summer and early fall, when I can go bare-legged :-)

    I used to match my makeup to my outfit when I was a teenager, but now I just tend to go with what I know works for my features and coloring. My go-to is a light smoky eye and lip gloss, though I will wear a cat eye with a great red lip when the mood strikes!

    My style… I’d like to say a mix of boho and rocker-chic, but I don’t know if I’m that cool *B*
    I do love mixing edgy pieces with feminine ones, like a cute dress paired with studded ankle boots, or an embellishes top paired with boyfriend jeans. And I love studs!
    Elisa recently posted…The power to be YOU.My Profile

    1. Oh yeah the tights…
      Unfortunately I am not too fond of my legs either so…

      The make-up is a fine line because you easily look like a clown. I mostly go with my black eyeliner too.

      I love you style samples I see at your blog and I always wonder if I could pull it of. Maybe I should give it a try.

  3. Style to me is just what makes you feel good, happy, comfortable. Yes, comfy is a style; if it means jeans and T-shirt, so be it. There are awesome T-shirts out there that can look chic and fun, too. I personally try to find a balance between sporty, preppy, and elegant. I love my pants, mainly because I’m not liking my legs but when I do have time and the confidence I wear skirts because I love skirts/dresses…just hate my legs. Hahaha. And as much as I love black and gray and navy, I always make sure to add a splash a color: pink scarf, red shoes and scarf or/and bag. It has to color match somehow…and never look dull. Color always brightens our days. I just stay off colorful makeup. I like it subtle, simple, but still feminine enough so people realize I am put together. :) Plus having a personal style makes one unique!

    1. I can so understand the leg thing. Loving skirts/dresses but hating my legs. Really mean to be in that dilemma. And I seem to be the only one matching my make-up… feeling a bit like a teen ager now … uups

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