If you and I had coffee…
I would like to show you a wonderful little spot I am came across in the countryside when visiting at my family’s home. It’s an revived little corner shop where I used to go shopping with my grandma and the added a little coffee shop area. They serve homemade cakes and cookies and coffee in fancy china. It’s really cute. All the older village ladies stop by for a chat. It feels a bit like being a Gilmore Girl. I would get a coffee and one piece of cake – maybe two if we stay long.

If you and I had coffee…
I would like to know what you think of temporary tattoos. I recently came across those while doing content in my day job and I feel the urge to use them as accessories. I know it’s very childish but would it be weird sporting a pastel ice cream cone on your wrist? Or some cute looking alpacas? I mean I already bought a pack. But now I wonder what people would think.

If you and I had coffee…
I’d tell you about how I spent a couple days in the workshop with my dad and crossing off #61 of my 101-in-1000-days-list. I learnt a few things while working together. On the other hand I realized how different our approaches to a project are. I am much more organized and think it through while dad just starts. Both approaches have their advantages – I don’t have to run and get every tool just when I need it and he doesn’t overthink and just tries if it works out.

If you and I had coffee…
I need to tell you about the book series I discovered by Australian writer Helen Scheuerer. It’s the Oremere Chronicles and I’ve read all three books in one week. It’s been a while since something sucked me in so completely.I didn’t even open the door when the postman rang. (Meet me on Goodreads and read the reviews)
Have you read this fantasy epos?

If you and I had coffee…
I’d tell you about my ambition to learn Spanish. I started to use the duolingo app and working my way through the levels. I try to talk a bit of Spanish to Mr. ♡ and it is hilarious. But I am proud of myself for how far I’ve come already and maybe I will be able to say a few sentences to his grandparents next time I visit. The app is really good to learn a new language in my opinion. Did you try to learn a new language after leaving school?

If you and I had coffee…
I want to hear about your favorite summer moment. While I type this is raining outside and fall is sneaking up on us. I like the cooler temperatures and enjoy the sound of raindrops hitting the leaves in the trees. But I haven’t finished my summer bucket list yet. But it seems summer is coming to an end.

This is a fun little get-together organized by Lecy and I am always happy to join in our coffee dates.
Happy Sunday to you


8 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | August

  1. This little shop sounds so nice. I love little places like this. I think temporary tattoos are fun. They let you express yourself and I know a lot of people who ended up getting real tattoos after using the fake ones because they liked the design so much. That’s so neat that you got to spend time in the workshop with your dad. I always think it’s interesting how people approach projects, especially the difference between men and women. Sounds like you were a good team! I’m definitely going to check out that author. I’m always looking for new books to read. I use Duolingo for Spanish too! I’m going to try French or German when I’m done. I love that app and it makes it so fun to learn a new language. My favorite summer memory is all the time I got to spend with my family. We did a lot of swimming and meals together, and it’s always fun to be with them. I can’t wait for autumn! Thanks for joining the coffee date this month, Tobia. Hope to see you next time! <3
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 38My Profile

    1. You would love that little shop. It’s just so magical there. And yes after some beginning struggles my dad and I were a good team. So cool you also Learn Spanish. I am thinking about working on my French when done but being a bit scared of getting confused. We’ll see. Thanks for stopping by Lecy.

  2. That little shop in the countryside sounds beautiful, just the sort of place I’d like to visit. I think temporary tattoos are a fun idea, and if you change your mind then they are only temporary after all! You’re the second person this week to mention learning another language. Maybe it’s something I should try as well. Lovely to have tea with you again, Tobia :)

    1. I would never get a real tattoo so the temporary ones are definitely intriguing. It seems like you should look into learning another language. Which one would you like to speak?

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