Goal Check-in to my 101 things 1000 days bucket list

photo of lighthouse in evening sun for my goal check in for the 101 in 1000 project also called project zero

One year ago I started a project. I wanted to cross off 101 goals in 1000 days. And to stay on track I have already decided to do an annual goal check-in. Today is the day: I want to see how far I have come. And maybe you also like to have a look. Then follow along:

Checked goals on the bucket list

Let’s start with all the goals that have been successfully been crossed of the list.

  • Number 12 – sign up to photo selling platform
    I have signed up. Check out here. Unfortunately it has not yet brought me any sales.
  • Number 39 – moms favorite book
    I read it. My thoughts about it here.
  • Number 42 – re-watch Gilmore Girls
    Easy one.
  • Number 45 – fix blog issue
    Some things don’t take much time but are on your list for ever…
  • Number 56 – jewelry stand
    I did it and couldn’t be prouder. My tutorial can be found here.
  • Number 61 – Dad craft weekend
    I did and we build a pergola, my jewelry stand and fixed a few things. It was a fun thing but also not easy to work alongside.
  • Number 69 – photo road trip
    I did hop in the car twice. Not many photos have been made though. I can’t quite decide where to stop and some things look better from the car. Higher vantage point?! I think I keep trying though.
  • Number 74 – no sugar
    I was surprised how easy it was once I decided and managed the first two weeks. But as soon as I “allowed” myself sugar again I am back with chocolate and cake cravings. It sucks. Not sure if it really helped the migraine as I stared new medication at the same time. But I think so.

Goals in progress on the 101 things in 1001 days bucket list

  • Number 3 – set up living will
    When corona was heating up I sat down one night and started. It was overwhelming and so I never continued/finished.
  • Number 4 – new pots & pans
    I had a look. I found some I would get but Mr. ♡ has some opinion too and so I didn’t feel like continuing
  • Number 11 – full time projects
    Well, I did land two new project but both were not full-time. So I am hesitant to cross off anything.
  • Number 15 – new out-of-home-offices
    I worked in one new place which was ok, but I don’t think I’ll end up there again. And then Corona started.
  • Number 18 – see new places
    3/10 Not bad so far. We’ll see how it goes with Corona on the way.
  • Number 28 – new recipes
    2/10 I could probably do better here.
  • Number 31 – new restaurants
    3/10 Went to a pizza place and it was probably the best pizza ever. Also this Vietnamese place was delicious.
  • Number 34 – see World Heritage sights
    2/3 – almost done.
  • Number 37 – read books
    83/125 – I am doing great. Maybe I up this number.
  • Number 46 – continue to blog
    I am doing it and I am more consistent too. Love it.
  • Number 47 – NaBloPoMo
    0/2 I tried but had my arm issue and didn’t finish. So not counting 2019.
  • Number 57 – wedding album
    I have started but it’s a tough one.
  • Number 77 – learn to listen
    Read a book, trying to implement the learnt. It’s hard. But I believe I get better.
  • Number 78 – no spend month
    1/3 I count it as one done even though I bought 1 skin care product and two notebooks (all for 0,99€) and which I didn’t need right away but that are now in use.
  • Number 80 – learn Spanish
    I need to pick it up again. Not sure I will finish the program by the end of the challenge but at least I am working on it.
  • Number 89 – make my hair
    I did, I tried but it’s always the same look.
  • Number 91 – learn phone number
    I tried but already forgot again. So let’s do it again.
  • Number 92 – reconnect with childhood friend
    Met once. It was nice and comfortable but we have very different lives now. Still need to figure out how I feel about it and handle it.
  • Number 94 – Volunteer
    1/3 for the Christmas project with my sis. Hope 2020 is also possible.

Goals to reconsider in the list

  • Number 13 – finding people
    Having trouble here. I reached out but was “forgotten” when a meeting was set up. Maybe I am just not that person to hang out with others. I am doing good on my own as Corona showed… Not yet giving in though.
  • Number 35 – motor boat license
    Not sure if that makes sense. Most small boats can be driven without any.

The list looks long and I feel like I am on a good path so far. But what is the verdict. Can we boil it down a bit more? Let’s see:

Looking at it this way and knowing more than 1/3rd the time has passed I guess I am not really on track here. But then the whole thing is supposed to be fun. But good thing I checked-in.

Now will you tell me about one thing on my list that you would also like to accomplish?

Happy goal-crushing


2 thoughts on “Goal Check-in to my 101 things 1000 days bucket list

  1. Oh cool dass du das auch machst! Obwohl was heißt auch … ich habe das Anfang 20 mal gemacht und wollte dazu sogar meinen ersten Blog starten. Da war mir bloggen aber noch zu kompliziert ;)
    Aber ich habe Stunden damit verbracht 101 Listen von anderen zu lesen und irgendwie habe ich diese Idee nochmal von vorne anzufangen immer noch im Kopf! Vielleicht mache ich das jetzt wirklich mal!
    Jutta recently posted…DIY Acrylic Pouring UntersetzerMy Profile

    1. Ja ich wollte das 2011 (?!) schon mal machen aber wusste nicht wie ich da die Übersicht behalte. Habe den Listenstart in einem alten Notizblock gefunden. Hab auch Unmengen Zeit mit listen lesen verbracht. War ein richtiger Hype. Wenn du wieder startest, lass es mich wissen.

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