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What has happened to this year? I mean seriously I feel like I have lived life twice or more already and we haven’t even done half of it. I need some quiet and that is why I suggest grabbing our to-go cups and go to the cemetery. We sit on the bench close by the chapel overlooking the blackberry trees. The sun is hitting the spot and the trees are whispering in the wind. After we enjoyed the silence a bit we start chatting.

Sipping our coffee…
we’d talk about the current happenings and how they effect us. I want to know how you are doing. How you are handling the situation in your town. If you are effected by riots, by racism, your experiences and all. I did have a few deeper conversations with the husband. As he is a POC it came up once in a while throughout the years but I have to admit that I might have not understood him completely. And might have hurt him with my misunderstanding and misjudging of situations. It’s not a good feeling and so I need to learn more but I really need to listen and that has always been a hard one for me.

Sipping our coffee…
I admit that everything going on has me mentally struggling. The whole corona thing all started out quite ok for me but now with rules bing lifted and exceptions of friends, family and society being high to get back to previous lifestyles I am struggling. On top the political situation. And we are heading towards summer which always has me in a weird mentally space and I can feel depression knocking on my mental firewall. And I am so terrible sleepy all the damn time…

Sipping our coffee…
I wonder if you have ever made yourself an herbal tea from collected wild herbs and plants. I recently started getting into gather some plants and drying them to make my own selection of teas. I have so much to learn but I feel like it is something I enjoy. I would love to hear more if you have similar passions.

Sipping our coffee…
I’d share about my last weekend. I went to the country side to spent a few hours with family in the garden and celebrate my birthday. It was nice seeing everyone and it’s not often that all my siblings and parents are in the same spot nowadays. So we had lemon bundt cake with elderflowers and later we BBQ. It was a nice day. And I am really glad this years birthday was so much more fun that last years.

Sipping our coffee…
we talk about what we wear. I mentioned that I tried to wear self-made outfits in May (check out the challenge #memademay) but was not able to do so daily. We also talk about our clothing style. I still struggle with finding enough things to wear that make me feel good. How do you know what fits your personality. And what happens when all your clothe never fit because weight underlies such fluctuations. It’s so annoying.

Sipping our coffee…
I’d ask you what your summer vacation plans are. Are you planning on traveling somewhere? Will you spent this summer in your neck of the woods? We decided there won’t be much vacation going on which involves long distant traveling. Maybe a weekend in an airbnb but even that we are not sure. As most of Germany will spend time inside the country all the interesting spots will be so crowded that I believe it will not be very relaxing. So maybe we do a vacation in Berlin and do a few day trips. But I am open for my input und ideas.

We empty our cups, look at the darker clouds crowing the sky and decided to head back home. Not before agreeing to check in next month and to agree to pay Lecy a quick visit.

Have a great month of June


8 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | JUNE 2020

  1. The first half of the year has gone by so quickly! I am doing ok. It’s been stressful here in the States. It seems like every major city is having protesting and riots, and with good reason. We have a lot of work to do here. I’m still not completely settled from the Coronavirus yet. There’s so much to process. It sounds like a nice birthday. I’m glad you were able to spend the day out, doing something enjoyable. I don’t have vacation plans. I’m just going to hang out at home, by the pool, and read a lot of books. I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month, Tobia. Hope to see you next time!
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 48My Profile

    1. I hear you – still so much going on and settling seems wrong somehow when a new thing is brewing. Vacationing by the pool with a stack of books sounds amazing. Enjoy that.

  2. I am so glad to hear you had a nice birthday, a highlight during these strange times.

    There is so much going on and it seems like things are added to the load every day. Things here in CA are slowly reopening, but I am not ready… especially with the most recent spikes in infections. I am not sure we’re prepared for a higher case count. I am also trying to read and educate myself around the BLM movement…. I mean, there’s so much to learn and I can imagine that the conversations with your husband must have been tough… there is just so much that is “ingrained” in our systems (especially over here) that we never thought about it twice and realizing that is horrifying. We have lots of work to do… 2020 seems to be it.

  3. Drinking tea by the chapel sounds so peaceful! There have definitely been difficult things this year. I hope that you’re able to look after yourself physically and mentally. I also struggle during summer, especially as it gets so hot in Australia. And returning back to ‘normal’ with restrictions being lifted is almost a bigger transition than before, isn’t it! It’s certainly okay to be gentle with yourself at this time. I hope you had a wonderful birthday – your birthday celebrations sound lovely! So nice to have coffee with you today, Tobia!

    1. Yes you said it best “transition back to normal” is tougher than before. It’s all just so crazy. Enjoy your upcoming winter than.

  4. It’s been the weirdest year, and everyone seems to have struggled at some level, trying to understand and live with this new normal. My workplace is not open yet – it’s still WFH, though things have opened up to a large extent in India. And now that I have gotten into a semblance of a routine, I am worried about the transition back to “usual life”.

    Your birthday celebrations sounds lovely, I hope you had a great time yourself.
    And don’t be too hard on yourself, we all make mistakes from a lack of understanding. I think the key is to acknowledge our mistakes and endeavour to not repeat them. I myself have a lot of learning to do – in India, we have our own sordid history, not so much with race, but rather, the caste system.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that we show ourselves and others around us more grace in the next six months of the year. :)

    1. Oh yes definitely a weird year!
      And I hear that quiet often that people getting used to working from home. I found it tougher when it all was getting relaxed. Some people are just so not caring.
      Thank you. I’ve read some books on Indian cast system in my youth. I am sure you have your own history to work on. It’s rather sad that it’s all over the world that we as a human race need oppress a “minority” or other looking people. But here is to hope that we are becoming a more empathetic race.

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