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Yesterday I shared my favorite instagram accounts. While their posts most definitely make me stop scrolling there are also other things that let me stop. Think. And maybe click a link and read up on a few more things. I love when the internet is surprising me. When I get a glimpse into a world or a topic I would otherwise never stumble upon. I have collected a few things that made me stop scrolling lately and I want to share with you today:

Your age on Other Worlds

Why did it made me stop scrolling: Did you ever think about how old you are on Mars or on Neptun. Well I certainly didn’t. I am sure we will not need this knowledge in our lifetime either but it is fun and geeky and so I looked up what age I would be as a Marsian (20.9 years) And then I checked where I would celebrate my birthday next – apparently its Mercure on December 3rd. And of course I’d be sweet 0.158 Plutonian years and had a full life ahead of me.
Go visit: Your Age on Other Worlds

What day is my Birthday

Why did it made me stop scrolling: Since we are talking about birthdays here is another fun one. Ever wondered what day your were born? I didn’t know and figured why not google. And then once you start you can check all your birthdays in advance and plan the biggest parties that fall on a Saturday. Letting pople know ahead of time no one can complain its too spontaneous. Ha. Enjoy.
Go visit: Happy happy birthday

Art meets Education

Why did it made me stop scrolling: It is no secret that I have a thing for art and photography. And I am – not only due to my word of the year GRACE – trying to look into more ways to actually give back. But that wasn’t what initially hooked me. I found it interesting that kids have the chance to try out photography, that they have the chance to be creative and that the artwork they create will be shown to a wider audience. And then that it can be bought and therefore they can actively work on getting a better education. I like the concept. There are multiple ways to support not only by purchasing the artwork.
Go visit: Art meets Education –> as of now it is only available in German

Coloring Books for adults

Why did it made me stop scrolling: I guess the vast number of options caught my attention. I do own a few coloring books but I guess if you just want to do it in a vacation or to try out this is a really good source to have a look. No matter what you are looking for it probably is here: Mandalas, nature, animals, landscapes everything. Its really cool.
Go visit: Just Coloring

What is something fun you came across lately. I have a few more links I saved but they are more educational. Maybe I write another post about it. Right now I am really really tired and need to go to bed.

Happy reading


Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “What made me stop scrolling lately

  1. Oh, I love stumbling down the rabbit hole because you got caught on a phrase or topic on the Internet. We’re quite lucky to have all this information right at our fingertips.

    I have not googled my age on another planet LOL but that might be a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

  2. Ha ha… I’m moving to Pluto.
    These are really fun- I like the idea of thinking about a big party for the next time your birthday falls on a Saturday. That’s really planning ahead!

    1. I admit i had to see if my 40th was on a good and it happens to be on a Saturday. Now I am all in planning mode. But then I might wanna spend a few days at Pluto to slow things down. Ha!

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