favorite Instagram accounts 2021_marietta_van_himbergen by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Some things don’t change. They rather increase. Happening with my instagram scrolling. And I feel like you need to spend a few more minutes there as well and check out these lovely accounts with you. I personally like looking at art and photos that brings some calmness. This is why you’ll find again a collection of some inspirational and talented creatives. I hope you can find one or two new things.

Here are my favorite Instagram accounts in 2021:

Mariette van Himbergen | mariette_van_himbergen
Mariettas art is just so playful and airy. At first glance you would think it is just a drawing but when you look closer he see it is actually a collage made of tissue paper. So delicate. I. wonder how much time goes into a piece. Oh and I wouldn’t mind owning a tiny cap of this magic.

Nina Duncan |
During my latest #100daysofcraftaliciouslineart I came across Nina’s account. She created monochromic collages and I just loved them. I was looking forward daily what would pop up in my feed. I loved the abstract layering. So much so that it may have inspired me for my next challenge.

favorite Instagram accounts by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

symmetryhunters | symmetryhunters
It’s no secret that I love photography. This community shares symmetry photos from around the world. Reflections, Architecture, ne perspectives – its all here. And often there are some tipps and behind the scenes shared to make it possible to recreate the images. I find it is a well of inspiration. Or just a nice way to look at some beauty.

favorite Instagram accounts 2021_symmetryhunters by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Melanie Latta | sperenzien
Lovely modern DIY ideas is what you find at Melanies Account. I love how clean she manages to craft. It all looks calm and sophisticated and has nothing to do with granny squares and bead figurines. And she seems to be a Christmas enthusiast just as myself. So yeah what more to say.

favorite Instagram accounts 2021_sperenzien by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Petra Apotheke | petra.apotheke
Just now I realized it is actually a business I am following here. But it feels like I am following a lady called Petra. The account is the mental health account of a pharmacy and I think that is a brilliant combination. But even more so I love the dreamy photos and the positive vibes this account spreads. In such a subtle way.

favorite Instagram accounts 2021_petra.apotheke by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Madhuri Haridas | littleyellowclouddoodle
Another lovely artist I came across during the 100 Day Project. Madhuri has such a playful and positive way of doodling and I love her little nudges to think positive. Those doodle just make me smile and raise the happiness level. Go hop over and have a look yourself. Oh and she drew me a tortoise – so yeah…

favorite Instagram accounts 2021_littleyellowclouddoodle by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Nikita Busyak | citiesandsketches
If you want to have your mind blown away you need to have a look at Nikita’s account. The way he draws light is something I have never seen anywhere. It’s a combination of traditional sketching and enhancing in photoshop (there is a 5 min video of the process on Instagram). He is a master of light the way he draws and sees it. And of course the whole sketch and urban scenes are just as beautiful. A true artist.

favorite Instagram accounts 2021_citiesandsketches by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Julia Sentman | urbarium
It’s no secret that I have a thing for herbs and am fascinated by the healing powers of nature. Julia’s account fits right in there. Lots of interesting tipps and infos, some recipes and beautiful photos of course. I like the modern vibe of an ancient craft.

favorite Instagram accounts 2021_urbarium by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This is my list of favorite instagram accounts 2021. If you wonder what inspired me in previous years have a look: 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2016. Now leave one account recommendation as I always need more input. Doesn’t have to be artists.

Happy scrolling and inspiration finding



  1. Your instagram feed is quite a bit different than mine! I’ll check some of these out- it would be good to broaden my horizons. The first one I’m going to look at is Melanie’s. I love Christmas and DIY.
    One that I’m enjoying this time of year is “spookythankfulmerry.” Not quite as artistic as the ones you mentioned, but it’s all holiday themed. I was thinking about her when I did my mug post the other day, because in one picture she shows her collection of Halloween mugs, and she seriously has about 50. Just for Halloween! Now that’s a mug-lover.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation. I will have a look at “spookythankfulmerry” Love the name already. I love holidaythemed content. I find it very interesting how different we all look a the Instagram app and what we can discover by just letting others know what our feed looks like.

  2. Wow, those are some really pretty (highly curated!) accounts. Thanks for sharing. Do you enjoy these kinds of accounts more than the ones with personal connections?
    I am asking because I tend to follow more personal accounts where I can connect with a person. If I have too many “just pretty” accounts, I feel like they clutter my feed. I do understand the feeling of calmness when you look at the accounts, but since I always feel like I am trying to “catch up” with my feed, I usually prefer to see the pictures from people I connect with.

    This is not to say that these accounts aren’t beautiful and that I follow some like these myself! :)
    San recently posted…10: Nine iPhone apps you might find usefulMy Profile

    1. I think it is a balance of both. I like being inspired by art accounts that are pretty to look at. But most the times you only see one image and not the entire collection. Once I am following I dot check back on the profile all too often. I do also follow personal accounts as well but only if I do have some sort of connection. And that one is usually very individual so I don’t really feel like its something someone else might be interested. Maybe a bit of weird thinking. But for example some of the accounts actually happened to be in my feed because I started having a connection. For example Madhuri and I talked during our 100 day project and shared some personal notes. So I guess even if they are curated I may have some sort of connection.

  3. I’m one of the odd people out in the world who has no social media apps. I decided a long time ago they were likely net negative for my mental health and relationships and haven’t had a Facebook account in almost 15 years and have never had a Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok etc accounts!

    But…if I did, these all look lovely. I love the aesthetic appeal of all of them!
    Elisabeth recently posted…I Moved My Deodorant…And It Kinda (Slightly) Changed My WorldMy Profile

    1. I can totally relate not having social media. Since that is my day job (social media manager) I can’t stay off the apps even if I wanted to. But I hate Facebook and never had Snapchat and (not yet) tiktok. So I am a bit different from other SM managers. I love a clean and beautiful feed. Everything that gives me negative energy is canceled no matter if it’s friends or strangers.

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