Wochen(glück)-Rückblick :: my happiness review #2

world cup fever

Now this weeks been flying by it seems. I kinda liked my review last weekend so I figured why not do it again. Not sure if it’s going to happen every week now…

world cup Germany

I think everyone a bit interested in Fußball has watched the game, seen a rerun or at least heard about Germany’s win in the Worldcup last Tuesday. I mean come on 7:1 against Brazil? Crazy!

I told you I started a new job and I’ve been learning a lot. Who would have thought I ever get to hold a needle device and tattoo/permanent make-up someone. May I introduce you to Hildegard:

permanent make up mask

And since starting a new job I invested in my wardrobe. Lucky me everyone is crazy there and so is the clothing fashion in my company.

Star Jeans

And some quite happiness moments I have spend on my balcony – while it was raining. Why I like it I have told you already.

rainy day

What has been your happy moment been this week? Let me know I am curious. I’ll jump over to Fräulein Ordnung to see more.

Have a great weekend, Tobia

2 thoughts on “Wochen(glück)-Rückblick :: my happiness review #2

  1. OMG! Germany won the World Cup title! How exciting is this! I am going nuts over here!

    I have star-jeans like yours (just with white stars) and they’re my favorites!!!!!!!!!

    Also: your email is in the works, just FYI.

    1. I’ve seen your star jeans and they actually made me (finally) get one for myself ;-)
      Looking forward to “my” email ;-)

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