The weekend is here. Weekends are lovely. Specially when you have no plans but watching Game of Thrones…

This past week was also filled with happy moments I want to share with you and Fräulein Ordnung.

Mr. ♥ was off work this week so we had lots of time to spent together. Always something making me happy.

And have you seen the colors? I mean fall at it’s best, no? I just love seeing the changes from green to yellow and red and soon brown. It’s just this one or two weeks a year, the mist, the light, the smell… maybe a light drizzle. I love it.

Fall in Berlin

Thursday evening I spent with my sister. First we watched a volleyball game. It was really intense and fun and we both wanted to play again after leaving the gym. We then had some tea in a cute little restaurant and chatted. It was much needed.

I also re-discovered French Knitting and I am hooked. It is so soothing. I will show you what I did with all my “sausages” in a post to come.

French Knitting Strickliesl

Now I am of to enjoy my weekend. Hope you are too.

Happy weekending,



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