Hello and good morning,

it’s been a while since I wrote down my happiness and shared it – not that there was’t any happiness lately. Its just been busy and my mind doesn’t seem to be very motivated. But today I am back.

As I said in my Advent Wish List I want to take a few minutes daily and just be, relaxe and don’t do anything. So far I am doing pretty good. I drink my cup of coffee in the morning by lightening my candle on the advent wreath and enjoy the silence. Then I open my DIY advent calendar.

morning coffee during advent

I haven’t mentioned this calendar here on the blog and that is a shame. A bunch of people from the internet who do not know each other started to swap gifts and in the end everyone has a full 24 little packages to open until Christmas. Are you curious what was in my first 5 doors?

DIY calendar 1-5

#1: a key chain by Stefanie | 100 Lieblingsstücke #2 a paper star by Annette #3 nutshell boat and swimming candles by Esther #4 a notebook by Lisa | Kanoschl #5 Christmas tree with stars, candle and tea by Biggi | allesbiggi

I am so impressed how everyone of us comes up with an unique idea and spreads so much love, joy and happiness to unknown people. Its really fun.

I also spent a wonderful time with friends last Sunday and I had some time to craft. It feels so good to be doing crafts and I always wonder why I do not incorporate more of this time into my day. (Might there be a goal for 2016 developing?!)

I am also pretty excited to host my first give away but at the time really scared: what if no one wants to have it… If you are into goal making and fun calendars or a sucker for notebooks you might want to check it out.

For now I will enjoy my tea, clean up a bit, wrap the first presents and then we will rummage a bit in the apartment to make it ready for the holidays. What are you up to this weekend?

Happy 2. Advent and a generous St. Niklas,



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