YELLOW MELLOW at the Wish Tree {color me happy}

Wonder what this is?

yellow tags wish tree berlin

Here is the story: I want to share an idea I really really love.

A few weeks ago I came across a wonderful post from Julie. Julie went along and nominated a tree within one of Berlin’s parks to be Wish Tree.

wish tree berlin

I only heard about wish trees being part of weddings. But really why not have a full-sized one in a park for everyone to interact? The Wish Tree is such a success and Julie asked for help in supplying tags. I only live 800 m away so of course I dropped some of.

yellow tags wish tree berlin

If you are in Berlin. Go and visit the tree. Directions are on Julie’s blog. If you are not living in Berlin – why not find a tree who’s life mission is to become a Wish Tree?

yellow tags wish tree berlin

Have a wonderful start into this months. Happy wishing, Tobia

P.S. Hop over to Bine to check out the entire yellow collection of this month color me happy.

2 thoughts on “YELLOW MELLOW at the Wish Tree {color me happy}

  1. What a great idea ! I like it very much. If I´ll come to Berlin ( I really want to, but I don´t know when ), I ´ll be watching the tree and attach a wish ;o)
    Very nice !!!!!

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