My 2014: Two years of Blogging

Wow! I can hardly believe that it has been two years since I am having this blog. This past year a lot has changed but than a lot has stayed the same.

Here comes my personal blogging recap of 2014. Read my one year experience here.

two years of blogging

I have written 76 blog post in 2014 and it’s slightly less than 2013 where I had 87. But still a bit more than once a week. Of course December was the month with the most posts as I was doing a DIY advent calendar. It was very stressful but so fun and even though all the planning started in June I never got around to the DIYs before the last week of November. However I’ve got so many ideas I could easily fill another calendar. My weakest month turned out to be May. I assume it’s due to another round of job applications.

I thought in my second year there will be more comments but there were less (244 comments). But it seems to happen on lot of blogs so I just ride the same wave. I am very grateful for my most active visitors. Hey San, Feliz, Jutta and Elisa. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to give feedback. My heart always takes an extra beat when I see a comment to be approved.

But I also want to thank my crowd following me on Twitter (125), Pinterest (178) and bloglovin (20). Twitter has been my favorite this year and I’ve joined a meet-up every Wednesday evening. It’s been a lot of fun and I am always looking forward to being part. You should join at 6pm (German time) under #altchat.

Just like last year the advent wreath DIY and ideas and the potato bread are very popular. Also lots of people stumble onto my blog through my cake pop recipes. Also quite popular are my mood boards specially the petrol one. Maybe I should have a look at it to finally make it spring to reality… However there were also posts I put a lot of thought and heart into but that didn’t seem to be interesting for you. Wonder why that is? Are you here for fun and don’t want to read “tough stuff” or “everyday life babble”? I could understand. Anyway, I will continue if I feel like it. It’s my blog after all.

I also had my first guest bloggers this year in February when I had a virtual winter wedding party. Thank you for being with me! And I also had my first give away but it was a total fail…well not for one person! I also started my photo challenge 12tel Blick but unfortunately I didn’t push through. I never managed going the same day every months and I also didn’t feel too inspired with the topic. So I quite at mid term. I think it’s sad but that’s just what happened. Maybe I find another project for 2015 because I really want to take more pictures. Any ideas?!
I also started a happiness project and I really had fun doing so. We’ll see if I keep that up… And I am sure there will be more “10 Things…” posts coming up.

During summer I put a lot of time into getting this blog a face lift. It all started with Katja’s little project and I am very grateful to have met San this way. I (finally) got my own logo and new colors and a few more functions. I love it and it is much more me.

And I also gathered my guts and wrote an email to a total stranger asking to meet for coffee. I am glad I did because I was meeting Jutta in April. And I was more than thrilled when meeting her again and Maike during there book party for Fotowohnsinn in October. I really enjoyed those face to face encounters.

So looking back on year two it’s been fun and great, inspiring and full of new things I’ve learned.

I am excited to start year three and looking forward to seeing you here again or maybe meeting a new face.

For now, get to 2015 all healthy and with fun.

Happy sparkling, Tobia

6 thoughts on “My 2014: Two years of Blogging

  1. Congrats on your second “Blogiversary”!
    Thank you for the shout-out, I am happy to visit as regularly as I can, because you are awesome and this is the best way I have of keeping up with you!

    Wishing you a wonderful start to 2015 and much success across the boards in the New Year! Hugs <3

    1. Elisa, you are of course welcome!
      And yes, it is the best way to keep in touch. I love reading your blog too and I am looking forward to an interesting and inspiring 2015.
      Cheers, Tobia

  2. Congratulations on your blog-aversary! :) I loved getting to know you through your blog and our blog conversations via email :) I am looking forward to reading more in 2015!! XO

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