GRACE 2021 – Time for those resolutions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Good Morning brand new year. Hello 2021. We have waited for you to come around. It is still early for the New Years morning and I enjoy the silence it brings. the perfect time to gather thoughts and reflect and set goals.

As always I am starting this off with announcing a word that will guide me through the new year. For 2021 GRACE will be my word. A word that sneaked itself into my list of contenders and then never let me go. I was toying with kindness but grace is more complete.

The dictionary says about grace:

“The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another; favor bestowed or privilege conferred.”

But it also says:

“Beauty, physical, intellectual, or moral; loveliness; commonly, easy elegance of manners; perfection of form.”

There are a few more meanings but those two hit home the most. Living a graceful life is something I seek this year. A quiet way of making things happen, to heal what needs healing to spread joy where possible and needed. But also to not judge so quickly. To have a deeper look what is going on, why something happens the way it does, to reflect on heard things and appreciate how blessed I am. And it also holds the inner component. To give myself some grace and kindness. To not judge myself permanently. To feel comfortable with the person I am.

What will GRACE look like in terms of goals and dreams in 2021:

  • I will start mornings gracefully by taking a deep mindful breath.
  • I will work on my overall poise to be more graceful by including more movement like yoga, walks to strengthen the body and not shuffle through life as I (feel like) doing now.
  • I will be graceful when talking to people who might annoy me and keep an open heart.
  • I will give grace to myself – I do not need to be perfect but I can improve.
  • I will say grace more often.
  • I will look for grace in everyday life may it be a book quote or a gesture or a smile.
  • I will spread grace by sending out lovely cards to friends and family if there is a birthday or I feel like the person needs it.
  • I will give grace by volunteering as every year and will look into more ways to do so.
  • I will grace my wardrobe by making clothes (that pencil skirt!) and to skim through the closet and reduce all items that do not make me feel good.
  • I will only purchase through Amazon smile to donate a tiny bit every time.

Last year my word has been MOXIE. With everything going on it could be a joke somehow. But it was a good word and it kept me going at times I didn’t feel like. And with the spirit of this word I will keep it as a secondary and supporting word for 2021. Because I do not feel I squeezed out every possibility this word provides. And I start by recreating this sweater today. I have all the materials ready to go.

And to make it even more official I have sent those two words into the world by naming two turtles who are now swimming away in the ocean. So here is to GRACE and MOXIE in 2021.

Share your word in the comments if you have one. I’d love to hear.

Happy 2021


If you are interested you can read about my previous words here: 2020 Moxie, 2019 Trust, 2018 Beautify, 2017 Become, 2016 Lose.

5 thoughts on “GRACE 2021 – Time for those resolutions

  1. Such a rich well of Grace for 2021! I have to say, the curve ball of the turtle names was a super sweet surprise. WHAT GREAT NAMES! I hope you’ll join our One Word link up the last week of every month. I’d love to keep reading about how your word plays out for you this year.

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