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I have come across the currently post on many blogs and continuously in the last year and months and I have always enjoyed reading them. So for this year I am giving this a try and will be joining the community Anne in Residence has been building.

As always I started my year by picking a word of the year (GRACE) and making some resolution. I love making all the plans and setting intentions. I often keep losing them along the way but I also refer back to those lists and check in. I also changed my practice of writing a gratitude journal. I didn’t feel it in 2020 and was a bit absent. So I’ve gotten myself one of the 5-year-journals and try this new approach.

Only a few days into 2021. Only one week of work and by Wednesday I was ready for a long vacation. So exhausted, so burned out already. I guess all the mental alert with a pandemic, the (even for me as a homebody) missing social interaction is wearing at me. So I feel on edge currently and hope it will get better.

I decided to start the year with sorting through a few drawers of my closet and getting rid of a few pieces that do not fit anymore or which I don’t feel very comfortable in. Also I finally crossed off #4 of my longterm bucket list (ok only half) by getting new pans and sorting through old ones. That feels like a huge accomplishment.

To do some deep personal development work this year. Not sure if and how much I will be sharing here but I feel like it is time to look into some stuff I continuously struggle and things that keep popping up.

What is wrong with this world. With people. I hardly watch any news because frankly they do not help in living a peaceful and happy life. But at the same time I am not ignorant enough to ignore it all. So not only what is happening in the US but also strange people and weird opinions are spreading in Germany and I am worried. I am sick of it. Can everyone please use their brain cells so we can get back to being civilized?

So much for this first month of currentlies.

Happy January


4 thoughts on “Currently in January

  1. I usually pick a word or make resolutions, but honestly, this year I didn’t bother… precisely because I want to give myself some grace to recover from such a difficult year! So maybe my word is grace, too?

    1. Yes exactly! Maybe consider it and it helps. I never wanted to pick that word to be honest because it always comes with the religious connotations which is too “in your face” for me. But here I am.

  2. Man, I seriously wonder to what’s wrong with the world, what’s wrong with PEOPLE?? These first two weeks of the new year have not made me confident in the state of this country/world.

    1. It’s tough to watch and comprehend and then figuring out how to a) live with the knowledge and b) finding ways to react and put a stop to it. Exhausting!

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