Craft Paper Recycling Wreath

craft paper recycling wreath

Time for one of my favorite posts of all the posts I write each year. If you follow along for more than a year you know that I have a thing for wreaths. I make two each year – one for myself and one for my mom. And I challenge myself to always come up with at least one new idea. And I always put one of them here on the blog. As you also may have read between the lines is that I like to recycle things I have at hand. And this is how this years craft paper recycling wreath as come to be.

Ever since the pandemic started we have ordered groceries more frequently. First it was out of necessity and a safety issue. Now its just convenient and laziness has struck. I am still trying to reduce the habit because it’s not the smartest move when it comes to the budget. But it is what it is. And those groceries are delivered in paper bags.

The list of materials for this craft paper wreath is again rather simple:

  • wreath form – as always I recommend a straw one
  • a load of paper bags
  • the trusted glue gun
  • glue stick
  • decor of your liking
craft paper recycling wreath_paper coils

Now it is time to get your favorite music on or a current audio book into your years. Its preparation work.

What I did is to rip the paper bag into long strips. The longer the better as it makes progress quicker later on. I didn’t bother cutting the paper bag. Ripping is just fine. your won’t see the edges anyways. And you also don’t need to be mindful of the printing or branding of the bag.

craft paper recycling wreath_todo

Once you have gathered your paper strips it’s all about twisting. If you don’t want the branding of the bag to show in your wreath make sure you twist the uncovered side to the outside. Sometimes you need to fold in the printed parts but for the most time you won’t really see them. Twist until you are done.

Now get your glue gun out and heat it up.

At this time a quick note due to my experience: I recommend using glue sticks that are transparent after drying. Otherwise you have ugly white spots visible.

craft paper recycling wreath_tutorial

Start glueing your coils to the wreath from. I started on the bottom and just moved my way around. This could be an easy task just going around. However for aesthetics I recommend you check where you end up and sometimes shorten your coils. Otherwise all your ends will end up the same and it just doesn’t look too good. you can see what I mean when looking closely at the last image here on the upper right hand side. It is rather unexciting in this area. I personally didn’t like it so much.

Once you have covered the entire wreath let it dry out a bit.

After that it’s time for your creative genes to start. Decorate to your liking. If you want to put candles on it make sure its safe – after all its a paper wreath. I opted for a asymmetrical smaller decoration with some pine twigs and rusty-orange small bulbs. I very much like how it turned out.

What do you think? Time to make a wreath? I’d love to see your version. If you need more ideas check out my wreath collection.

Happy crafting


craft paper recycling wreath_pinterest

12 thoughts on “Craft Paper Recycling Wreath

  1. I absolutely love this, especially when I found out it was made from paper grocery bags! I looked at your previous wreaths, and i remember the acorn wreath from last year. I hope we get to see more crafts as the month goes on!

    1. Thank you Jenny. I have about 1,5 craft post in my head maybe I can manage to get those published. They are always a lot of work but it’s a good reason for me to get to do those crafts I keep twirling around in my head.

  2. This is amazing! I’ve always wanted to take a wreath making course but they’re so expensive. This looks like a fun project I could try at home. Also, I need to get a hot glue gun. I think it’s the building block for all other crafty adventures. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes get a glue gun it’s so worth investing in. Thins is a rather simple wreath to attempted so I think with a bit of patience every one can do it. If you do please share!

  3. Tobia, this wreath looks amazing… I can’t believe you made this out of paper grocery bags. I will forever live vicariously through your craftiness (I wish we lived closer and I could do crafternoons with you – honestly!

  4. Oh, wow. This is way, way out of my league. I got to “glue gun” and thought, um, no. So I admire you – I love your crafts – but I will not be attempting them. Trust me, you would not want to see the results. :) Thank you for sharing!
    Anne recently posted…The order of thingsMy Profile

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