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currently February

This year already is a rollercoaster. From great moments, life changing events to hits in the gut – its all happened in the past five weeks. It is a lot of living that has happened and as of right now I have to admit I am tired. Tired and overwhelmed because so much is going on at the same time. So that is the reason why I once again am late to the party Anne is through every first Tuesday of the month. But as they say better late than never and so I share some thoughts on this month words.

How my word of the year “celebrate” has already grounded itself in my life. I have so much to celebrate this year.

I particularly love how positive it makes me. It has a wonderful vibe to it. Life flows and sparkles and is just good.

I’ve had some pretty tough years in the past. Years that felt bleak, unexcited and desperate. Years that you just wanted to get through and cross off. If you are into the middle of such a year know that better ones are coming.

So I enjoy the different attitude that accompanies this word. Does anyone else ever had such an experience?

Plans and schedules. This year truly is a year of celebration. About every month there is a milestone birthday and anniversary, a holiday. So fitting in life in between gets really tough. Right now I feel like I am juggling it all and need a real detailed plan to manage to keep all balls up in the air. And while all this is slightly overwhelming it’s also very exciting.

It feels like life is buzzing. So many opportunities. It’s like the universe is shifting gear. Things and struggles start to align and the path gets clearer.

I am taking a vacation as of Monday. When you look at my to-do list you would wonder how the heck anyone could decide to leave the desk for just a short break. A walk around the block. And believe me I have been feeling rushed since September. The Christmas break didn’t really slow things down. And so the best thing to do is taking a break.

Usually we do a fun trip for our anniversary to some new city. But obviously that is a bit tough with a pandemic and such. Our last pre-pandemci trip was our trip to Oslo in February 2020. I remember the airport had a ton of signs up about a new virus and that you should wash hands and report when feeling sick. Four weeks later we were in lockdown. Last year our anniversary trip was a walk through the neighborhood and some take out. So I am more than exited to drive up to the coast for a few days to relax. We won’t do much, visit anything or go out just sit in our fancy apartment that has a fireplace and a sauna.

When I started this post I knew what I would be writing into the wanting prompt.

Last Sunday we have canceled a trip to the ice rink. It was a gift for my dads birthday my sister and I gave him for an afternoon of trying out curling. We had received a call on Friday that we were invited to look at our dream apartment. So we moved mountains to make this possible even though we just came from a promising showing ready to sign a contract. As so often in life good things come accumulated.

When we walked up to the apartment complex I told my husband to take a selfie so we can document our new home. The showing itself was really strange and very unemotional. We just couldn’t connect to the real estate agent aka land lord. However we tried our best and happened to walk to the parking lot with him (we might have lingered around long enough to “meet” again).

So for the past three days I have been busy sending the universe positive vibes, finding reasons why we need this apartment and pretending it was already ours. My husband slightly annoyed as he’s not a believer in fate or such things.

Anyhow finally making my point: we received the call on Wednesday night that the apartment is ours. So no more wanting but doing. Like this Sunday by signing the contract.

Still, I am wondering, is the positive thinking the reason the universe or god or fate made this happen or did I intuitively knew this is gonna happen? It’s a bit of an egg hen situation. I’ve had one similar experience when I started dating my husband. Anyone else know those vibes?

How the heck I will fit in my beloved 100 day project in the next three months. I wrote last week on how I prepare for the project. And I can say I would ignore at least half the advices I give in the post if I start.

But I really want to do it. The project I have in mind though requires a bit more time and a messy craft area. So I think I need to figure out

  • if I start and see how far I can take it.
  • if I change the project to a simpler version.
  • if I switch gear and take on an easier project.
  • if I skip all together and sit this on out.

Suggestions, encouragement and real talk appreciated. I am still not able to decide. only know I would want to but know I won’t manage 100 days.

Now I am wondering what you have been up to. Let me know one thing you love right now.

Happy Sunday


10 thoughts on “Currently in February 2022

  1. Congrats on the new apartment. So exciting!! I can’t wait to see it.

    As for the 100 day project, I know you cannot NOT attempt it… so I hope you can figure out if you just want to make a go on the project you had planned or find something simpler that might be easier to get done. I can imagine, you’ll be busy. When will you be moving?

    1. Haha that sounds about right. I think I have an idea even though similar to last year. Still undecided though and not sure if I want to take on that commitment. Not sure when the moving date will be. We are assume some time during April.

  2. I was actually checking back in to see what was happening with the 100 day project- did you decide not to do it? It would be a real challenge to commit to 100 days when you’re probably moving in April.
    I kind of agree with your husband on the question of good vibes and positive thoughts affecting the outcome on something like this, but hey… I could be wrong. You got the apartment so who knows. Sounds like you had an exciting month!
    Jenny recently posted…Eating Our Way Through Minor HolidaysMy Profile

    1. Thank you for checking in. I can’t seem to keep up these days. I did start the project. Feel free to follow along on Instagram. I’ll will soon share on the blog too. But yes it’s a lot currently with the upcoming move

    1. Thank you for taking time to stop by. I am also having trouble catching up on my blog reading. Vacation was so great and the move is coming faster than anticipated.

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