January Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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How has the first month of 2022 already flown by? How was it for you? Still trying to ease in or already stomping your way through projects goals and life? For me 2022 took off in high speed. Job projects kept me on my toes. The hunt for a new home is getting serious. The health is off to a rocky start. But I am feeling good and able to keep the balls up in the air – for now. Let’s hope it stays that way. Let’s dive into January Celebrations.

I plan on celebrating my way through this year as it is fitting for my word of the year. I decided to still keep my goals and intentions post but spice it up a bit. Having intentions for the upcoming month is very helpful to keep track on were I want to end. up by the end of the month. It is not really a to-do list (some things are though) but more guiding me to the right direction. I don’t stress about not having it all done but I do believe if I only take on step to fulfilling a certain thing I am one step closer. I may still be lightyears off from achieving but yeah I am moving and not on a standstill.

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in January

I haven’t officially set any intentions for January as I just though about my annual intentions. So the main intention for me in January actually was to ease into this year because I knew coming right out of vacation mode I need to hit the ground running with trade fair and big work projects coming my way. In between there was time for celebration.

  • Creating a Celebration Sweater – not quite done yet but I hope to show it soon. This is my inspiration.
  • Celebrating 20 migraine free days – this month was tough but hey the majority was migraine free.
  • Enjoying a fancy (nonalcoholic) drink a few times – I discovered espresso tonic. Also good for migraines days. Coffee and lemon why didn’t I know about this earlier?
  • Celebrating three long bath tub reading sessions – my me time I started implementing thanks to Covid. I also used some self made bath salts. Should I share my recipe?
  • Celebrating dads birthday with a nice dinner and some funny moment. I laughed so hard that tears squeezed out my eyeballs. Best moments.
  • Celebrating that I can join job projects with family time. Working for my cousins stationary business (I guess that is advertising…) for the past 3 years was fun and it was even more fun joining the trade fair team, creating lots of photos and content and spending a fun dinner just the two of us. Being in synch with someone is just the best feeling.
  • Celebrating new perspectives by reading two books that let me have a look into a new world.
  • I celebrated owning new clothes. Unfortunately my new favorite sweater was broken after one wear and is not available anymore. Also I splurged on a new fancy black cloak with a hood. Very assassins like. Love it.
  • Celebrating the option to go to the ER when you don’t know what’s going on with your body – I am ok for now but will most likely have surgery this year. Sigh…
  • I celebrated that we had some really great brainstormings and idea tossing sessions at work that did spark a lot of joy and motivation.
  • I celebrated my online friends by leaving 54 comments on blogs (not counting my own replies here).
  • Snapping 6 celebration photos I stumbled upon.
celebrating January craftaliciousme seeking creative life

My goals and intentions for February

I am looking forward to February. I feel the momentum of change and celebration and fun things will carry over from January. And since it is our anniversary month it is also off to a good start. So here are the things I look forward and set out to achieve in February.

  • I will celebrate our 8. Anniversary hopefully with a trip to the Baltic Sea but who knows at this point in time.
  • I wish to celebrate the contract signing of a new apartment at our dream location by the waterfront.
  • I will celebrate 3 family birthdays from afar – probably no option of visiting any of them but I plan on sending a fun letter that drops confetti everywhere. They’ll hate it I know.
  • I will celebrate the start of the 100 day project in 2022 even though I am sure I won’t hit 100 in the allotted time frame.
  • I will celebrate going through my belongings and let – hopefully a lot – move on. I will start the challenge by removing one item on February 1, two on the second and three on the third and so on. It will be get really really tough but it is a good way for me to tackle this never-ending project. I will also upload a ton of stuff to eBay Kleinanzeigen.
  • I will celebrate Mother Earth by looking at where we and I in particular can save up some energy or be more mindful. Starting with cleaning my computer of junk files and emails.
  • I will start planning my milestone birthday celebration by sending out the save the dates.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you.

  • Tagträumerin is proving some fun information about clothe and capsule wardrobes and a challenge that I loosely joined.
  • My friend Elisabeth introduced me to the idea of a silent To-Do-List by directing me to this post.
  • Elisabeth also wrote a fun post about reading habits. I think I need to update my own reading post now.
  • Did you know that saving emails on your computer uses up a lot of energy? That it does have an environmental impact. I assumed but was surprised by the numbers. This article is very eyeopening. Here is a similar one in English. Time to delete some…
  • A free art project by Conny Solera. Every month explores a new color. Unfortunately the times for the online sessions don’t work for me with the time difference but I am hoping to join at least one class.
  • You may have already seen these intimate photographs by Dmitry Kokh of polar bear taking over an abandoned polar station. If not click this article for some cuteness.
  • My discover of 2021 is the company Greenforce that provides vegan meat alternatives that you can mix at home. Perfect for the pantry and available when ever you need it. We’ve tried a few already and the next I want to make is Schnitzel and fish burgers. Currently available in Germany, Netherlands and UK but I am sure more to come.

I am excited for chapter two of 2022 and hope you have a lot of celebration to do yourself.

Happy February


4 thoughts on “January Celebrations – Monthly Recap

  1. You know I LOVE your word of the year; I think Celebrate is just such a wonderful idea and feels light and joyful.
    I’m sure other people would love your bath salt recipe…but I am Team Shower all the way. It has definitely been well over a year since my last bath. I do not like baths AT ALL. I do know that you can know buy “steam bombs” though, which you can add to your shower like a bath bomb, apparently?
    Thanks for the link love. I hadn’t thought about the Silent-To-Do-List concept in a while, but it is so true and something I have to be wary of.
    Happy creating :)
    Elisabeth recently posted…Me? Doing a Planner Review? Here Goes…My Profile

    1. I totally get it. I rarely took a bath before Covid and always said the next house doesn’t need a tub. I am now the opposite. Funny how life and habits can change. What I prefer when showering is my scrubs. I have a few easy DIYs online and I think you’d love those – specially the coffee scrub. Recycling product and it wakes you up. https://www.craftaliciousme.com/homemade-coffee-cinnamon-scrub-recycle-quick-tip-12/

      I am still smitten with my words and just today tried to schedule all the celebrations that will take place in 2022. It keeps getting more.

  2. That celebration sweater! Your inspiration is swoon-worthy and I can’t wait to see it.

    I am sorry to hear that this year was off to a rocky start – healthwise. Everything okay? I ended up going to the ER room for the first time last fall (everything is fine!), but I don’t envy you. I hope you’ll be alright!

    1. Thank you friend. All is ok now but I need to take some steps towards handling the situation.
      I don’t feel like going into detail right now. It’s nothing life threatening though. I think I will work on that sweater while watching a bit of olympics now. Best of both worlds.

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