MAY & JUNE Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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I realized that I have skipped my monthly recaps and goal settings again. Unintentionally. I really thought there was at least a May addition but apparently life has been so busy that I didn’t write anything down. That I wasn’t making any plans because it already felt there were already a ton of lists.

But honestly while life is busy and I am trying to catch up I also feel like I am loosing momentum a bit. Like I am loosing sight of my goals. It’s just living and doing the things that must be done. So it’s high time I create some intentional goals and reflect on what’s been going on to get myself aligned with the things I want to live for. Here are my July goals and my previous month celebrations.

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in May and June

As I set I did set some goals for May and had a few in mind for July but never shared. Here is a potpourri of things I was planning and things that came to mind now that do think about it. Seeing the list its been some full two months with so many happy moments. My heart is full.

  • I managed to slow down on the weekends and celebrate slow moments. I feel my body has healed after the surgery.
  • I celebrated a first swim in the water and try to do it every day if possible.
  • We celebrated my sisters 10th anniversary with a lovely garden party and finally seeing them again.
  • I celebrated my milestone birthday with a legendary birthday bash under the oak tree with lovely people.
  • We celebrated my husbands birthday with an afternoon of mini golf and a night on the balcony with friends and pizza.
  • I celebrated clean windows – finally three months after moving in.
  • We celebrated picking up our new car and made a little day trip out of it. The first after the surgery and it felt good.
  • Slowly but steadily I celebrate that the boxes reduce their numbers. Still some to go though.
  • Celebrating new books and back to reading daily. Not catching up on my reading goal though.
  • I celebrated guests in my home and its nice – not only to have them but also that we can with the pandemic and all.
  • I celebrated a shooting day at the container terminal – it was planned for two year. Should I tell you more?
  • I celebrated meeting my colleagues for the first time after many months working together.

My goals and intentions for July

Summer is here. Temperatures are rising and we have had a few days in the 35° C+ (95+ Fahrenheit) So lots of summer vibes to soak up and store for the darker days.

  • I will celebrate planting my balcony.
  • I will celebrate going to a networking event – not my favorite activity but I am trying to enjoy it.
  • I will celebrate swims in the lake.
  • I will celebrate when an investor buys the apartment and we can stay.
    Please keep your fingers crossed.
  • I will celebrate my godmothers 70s birthday.
  • I will celebrate visiting my other godmother for a sleep over after years.
  • I will celebrate a friends birthday.
  • I will celebrate having work.
  • I will celebrate ice cream.
  • I will celebrate the early mornings and their tranquility.
  • I will celebrate more talks with Mr. ♡.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you. This will be a short list since I had hardly any time for reading online and I have not been able to catch up on my blogging friends.

  • Kostbare Natur – a German website about plants, their habitats and great recipes and infos on natural medicines
  • Grätz Verlag – Ive been working with this stationery and gifts shop client for almost four years and it’s amazing what they come up each season. Time to share.
  • Just sweet and a lift up in this sad world

Now how about you? Do you have something fun lined up for July? Will there be some sort of celebration? I’d love to hear it.

Happy July


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