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I have come to like the monthly currently posts Anne is hosting. It always lets me stop and think about the prompts, Not all of them are easily to answer. This time around it took me a bit. Anyway, its late and I am tired so I will just stop babbling and let you read my answers.

Books. So many books. My parents have a huge bookshelf. And when I say huge it is about 4 meter long and 2,5 m high. And then there are the one in the living room and the study. So I grew up with my own private library. Every time I am there I browse for hours. And of course I am always finding something new. Currently I have nine books waiting to be returned. Their books are a lot of classics, lots of Eastern European writers (only things you could get in former East Germany), lots of biographies, memories and historical books. And lately my dad receives many books from African authors due to the job he’s doing. So its a source of inspiration and a bit off the beaten path and all the books that are hyped on Instagram and goodreads.

Little gifts and toys. I am once again packing some packages for the Operation Christmas Child charity I am doing it for the fourth year in 2021. I have written about my experience here and I also shared a list of ideas what to pack. Last year I even made a small video on how I packed my box. This year I am planning two pack at least two boxes – one girl one boy in the middle age group. I already have gathered a few items such as crayons and a cute little coin bank. However I also am thinking about packing a box for a teenager. Those age group usually falls a bit short on boxes. I guess it is tougher. Or at least for me. Not having kids is making it fun but also I question a lot of they will enjoy my gifts. To the parents here what do kids like to receive age 10-15? Do you have ideas and pointers? So far I am at jewelry and nail polish for girls but do they would still like art supplies?

It is time for a detox week. There was a time I used to this at least once a year but haven’t been very good in previous years. I blame Covid19 for one but unfortunately I can’t completely blame it on the pandemic. I always feel so much better once I have done it and I am craving the feelings. So I am in the planning mode to do that. Most important is actually to have some me time. Because lets face it energy levels will be low. So a full work load may not be a good option I am not sure if I can manage to do that. However I will give it a try. First thing is to schedule the days in my calendar. Does anyone else do a regular cleansing thing? What sort of treatments do you use? There are so many different plans out. I usually stick with the Buchinger method as it works best for me.

For my favorite season winter. But to get there we have the fall season and that holds some fun too.

First of I can plan all the fun for winter. Like what fun Christmas crafts may I do this year. Of course my – admittedly obsessive – love for making a wreath and coming up with a new idea. I have some ideas in my head not sure which route I am taking this time around.

And then of course November is NaBloPoMo – the month of daily blogging. To make that I need to prepare a bit. First of I am collecting ideas in my Evernote Lists. There I also plan out what day I want to post what kind of story. And the ones that are possible to prepare beforehand I get to in October. Because nothing is more stressful than being done with work late at night, totally hungry and then coming up with an idea what to write about when all you want to do is go to bed. So yeah lots of prepping here. If you want to join in the fun please feel free to reach out. My friend San – who infected me with this idea – is a pro as she is doing it for the 2006. Yes you read that right. Last year she had some helpful tips if you want to start.

Letters. When this whole pandemic started I also started getting into letter writing. By now it developed into new friendship through those letters. I have written about the joy of penpals previously. For some funny reason I never open her letter right away. I only read it when I have time and am in the mood to reply right away. I also read paragraph by paragraph and then reply to each one before reading on. Our letters are long. We are talking 7+ pages. I think the longest have been around 12 pages. So you may understand that reading and then replying won’t work. We have a lot of stuff to cover. And it does take time to reply. Easily 3 hours. Her last letter has been sitting here for a couple of weeks.

So much for now. Looking forward reading your currently post but will probably do that on the weekend.
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12 thoughts on “Currently in October

  1. Oh, I would love to browse your parents’ shelves. It sounds like they have a great variety of books. And I need to get back into letter writing. I miss getting fun mail and not just advertisements and donation requests.
    Natasha recently posted…I Spy: Week 39My Profile

    1. Oh wow… i am not sure how I feel about lending books. I have realized a lot of people treat them less careful than I do so I hardly want to part with them.

  2. Your parents home library sounds amazing! How wonderful to have such a good resource when you visit them. As for presents for teenagers, you mentioned art supplies and I remembered how much I loved coloured gel pens when I was a teenager. I think that could definitely work for girls.

    1. Thank you Bella for that recommendation. I think that is something I would. have enjoyed myself too and you can get creative with it. I’ll keep looking if I can snatch some up. Yes it is always again a fun thing. to browse my parents shelves. You never know what you can find.

  3. Yay, I am so excited that you’re already planning for NaBloPoMo (thanks for the shoutout as well). I am also in prepping mode. And I am very curious about your Christmas crafts… I once used to call myself a crafty person, too, but I haven’t done anything crafty in ages. I want to change that.

    And then you mention pen-palling and I am thinking “f**k, that’s also something I used to enjoy and I still owe Tobia a reply”. It’s on my to-do list!

    1. Well planning and doing are two things – right now I am not so organized as it sounds. HA. But hopefully I will get to it. I have not been very crafty lately myself. Its sad but some things can’t be forced. It seems I never find the time to make all those ideas come true. No stress about the letter. You’ll write when it is right. And then it will be a wonderful surprise.

  4. I LOVE letter-writing. I do this every month for parents/in-laws and friends/family scattered around the globe. These are LONG (2,000 words or so). I keep the text from every e-mail and have already printed off one compilation “book” with all these e-mail letters. I’ve never managed to stick to keeping a journal, but these e-mails largely function in this capacity.

    That said, I’m also a huge fan of sending letters via snail mail and am itching to send out Christmas cards at the end of next month. Nothing beats an old-fashioned letter in the mail. For a while I was having my daughter send out three letters each week; I’ve fallen off the bandwagon at enforcing this, but she still has people (friends, family, seniors from a local care home we used to volunteer at, but can no longer go to because of COVID) sending her letters and little gifts in the mail and it is SUCH a hit.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Chores: Outsourcing, What the Kids Do, and other General Q&AMy Profile

    1. Sounds like you have a lovely letter sending routine. I love getting letters. And I like writing. Not sure how many words I usually write. Those emails sound like a little journal entry and I am sure it’s fun to look back on. I also wrote some holiday letters to elderly people and will do so this year again. Such an easy act of kindness.

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