September Reflections and October Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Hello October. I know I am a broken recording when saying how did we get here. How is it already October. Where did September go to. In three months we are writing a new number in the date. Is it just me or is life just happening while you are busy trying to figure out how to live it. It is a bit scary. Often just getting up to do the work to have the money you then don’t spend. I really need to sit on that thought and ponder what needs changing. But for now lets’ do the September reflections and October intentions.

But before I dive into that here is my favorite quote this month.

A single moment of joy is more powerful than a lifetime of sorrow.

Grams at Dawsons Creek

SPTEMBER Reflections

Reflecting on my set intentions.

  • I will integrate small dance breaks to get more movement into my days.
    That didn’t happen. Upps.
  • I will do a trip to the dump and get rid of things I won’t be able to sell.
    Nope. I pushed the date to end of October as I am trying to sell/gift/donate and not just through away.
  • I will read a book about self-confidence.
    Yes I did. Come back tomorrow to read more.
  • I will take an hour and look through my closet finding things to donate.
    Nope. Guess it is not on my priority list even though I keep putting it on my to-do list.
  • I will drop off the clothes I want to donate.
    See above.
  • I will celebrate some lovely birthdays after we had to skip them last year due to Corona.
    Total check. My sister and my mom had her bday and both times we went out to a restaurant and had a lovely time.
  • I will invite my sisters to dinner.
    I did. It was a wonderful evening and I do not think we ever spent time together just the three of us now that we are adults. I went all out and made a whole menu including menu cards. I enjoyed the evening so much that I didn’t even take a picture.
  • I will say grace more often.
    Not sure I did…
  • I will spend 15 min a week to clean up my desk and craft room chaos.
    I believe I did. Well at least I cleaned up a lot. Probably not weekly but definitely more than an hour.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE?

This is always the hardest part to think back on. And I always try to get started without having a look into my gratitude journal. But I’ll probably peek later otherwise it would be a very short list.

  • Started volunteering at church and will help out with create the notice board and keeping it up to date
  • Spend time on the couch when I needed to work trying to battle migraines
  • I spend time breathing in deeply
  • Picked up my Sunday bathing routine again now that fall is here
  • Started to pick out outfits a bit more consciously … may also be an indicator for my word for 2022…
  • Bought myself a bouquet of flowers

OCTOBER Intentions

  • I will create a new calendar freebie to share on the blog
  • I will do a detox week towards the end of the month
  • I will get better at my new eating habit – ever since vacay I fell back to old patterns
  • I will start gathering ideas for Christmas gifts
  • I will go for a walk in the woods
  • I will try this affirmation thing for a month and see if I can get behind the concept
  • I will get ready for my new reading chair – meaning getting rid of another corner of junk
  • I will finally stock my bar with all the bottles gathered at different places

So much for my October intentions. I am having a feeling it could be a good months. Let me know one thing you want to do this October.

Happy fall


4 thoughts on “September Reflections and October Intentions

  1. OMG, tell me about it. I feel like life is passing me by right now… although I am not “unhappy” per se on a daily basis, but it all just goes way too fast for my liking. Where are the 48-hour days?

  2. Love this. I tend to do this sort of thing on an annual basis, but love how you’ve broken it down by month.

    I also think it’s so important to recognize even if an intention didn’t get realized, almost always I’ve worked toward it in some way. And this can include realizing it’s not actually important to me and doesn’t deserve to be on the list. This year, more than any, I’m trying to embrace the fact that certain things I “want” to want to do, I just don’t…and that’s okay. I’ll be happier if I focus energies on things that I really value…?

    I’m new to your blog, but look forward to the November edition!
    Elisabeth recently posted…Chores: Outsourcing, What the Kids Do, and other General Q&AMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Elisabeth. I agree even though you can not cross of something at the end of the month you have at least made some progress. Either you have taken steps and therefore are closer or you realize your priorities are different. Both ways you have learnt something.

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