Dressmaking for the Godchild

I’ve got a gazillions kids clothes patterns and tons of cute stuff and fabrics laying around. So when my sis announced my niece into the world I was happy.

knot dress with tilda fabric

She turned two and I have only sewn her a ‘welcome pack’ so far. And a garland for her first birthday. High time for some dressmaking.

I won the fabric in my early blog days and picked it with my god child in mind. I was looking for a pattern that’s cute, a bit different, matching her personality and also fits as I couldn’t take measures. I ended up with this cute pattern from The Sewing Rabbit.

The hardest was probably cutting the pattern. I should have taped the sheets together (as instructed) and then cut out the size. Well I went the hard way and it still worked.

knot dress back and knot tilda

Sewing with only cotton was a nice change. It is so much easier than jersey or other fabric. I don’t know how long it took me overall but it was not that long. It’s the ironing in between that’s time consuming.

What I learned:

  • ironing is important and actually helps sewing however it is a boring task
  • you should always buy more fabric because it might not be enough (happened almost here I just pivoted the fabric for the skirt)
  • didn’t quite understand how the professional method to attach the skirt is better as you can see the rough ends. would not do it again this way

Well I think she liked it. Haven’t heard back if it fits only she’s gonna wear it for a summer wedding.

What are you giving for toddler birthdays?! Spill it. Have a boys 2nd coming up and 3rds too.

Happy sewing,


Oh and since it’s creadienstag link-up party time check out the other geniuses.

6 thoughts on “Dressmaking for the Godchild

  1. That is such an adorable summer dress for a little girl! What a lucky girl, to have such a talented godmother who can make her lots of lovely things!

    I cannot sew, so I give toddlers mostly books, legos, sometimes the odd cute tee, (I like the ones from Benetton, the cotton is fab) but mostly I bring something yummy to the party and give the kids something to play with. I found a cute Lego Duplo set for my nephew recently with lots of animals, he loved it!
    Elisa recently posted…A picture is worth… an untranslatable wordMy Profile

    1. Elisa, thanks for those ideas!
      I have a rule with my godchildren: Christmas it’s always a book. I don’t care if they complain when getting older. I see it as my educational responsibility however all parents are into books so it wouldn’t be too necessary. But knowing from experience there is nothing better than to cuddle up Christmas Day and start a new book. I was actually bored once I didn’t get a book and complained to my dad. So books is def on my list. Legos will be good too.

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