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foods of the year colelction of different dishes

I love eating. I love to try out different things. I rarely order the same things when I go to restaurants. But I still eat a lot of the same foods too. I mean with 365 days and then 3 meals a day it makes over 1,000 dishes. Imagine you had to actually cook them all. I didn’t that is for sure. We order a lot this year. But I also cooked. When we go on vacation we realized we always want to remember what we ate. We consciously try to take pictured or our meas. Because it is fun to look at and remember the taste, the texture and all the memories with it. So why not do it for the food we eat at home. Here are some of the foods this year.

Breakfast Options

There are two and half different ways I have my breakfast.

There is weekend breakfast which I apparently never took a picture of. I will start doing that. Weekend breakfast is the traditional German breakfast with Brötchen (bread rolls) and cold cuts like cheeses, meats and smoked salmon. When it comes to the eggs for breakfast Mr. ♡ and I always disagree. While scrambled egg belong to breakfast and hard boiled eggs are a dinner thing I grew up with the opposite. Boiled eggs for breakfast and scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes for dinner. I happen to go with the scrambled for breakfast. I am flexible. And then of course all the jams and honeys and such things.

foods of the year breakfast

For weekday breakfasts and when I am alone at home it is usually a bowl of cereal. I shared all the different versions previously on the blog. You see the rock pear option I had for the first time this year (upper row right) otherwise it is more the traditional apple cinnamon oats. Sometimes I do blueberry or red currant oats. During summertime it can be just a bowl of fruit – most of them in the picture above. Photos just look so much better than oats. And then every once in a while I get fancy for breakfast and make myself waffles, finnish pancakes (bottom middle) or regular ones or I have hot semolina.

Dinner options

When it come to dinner I like to make it quick. Often times we order out and during the pandemic and after the first lockdowns I was really annoyed with cooking so much. This year we have often ordered burgers. We have often picked up take-out at the local asian place a block away. It’s a really good place and we’ve been going there for the past 16 years. Also we pick up Döner (Kebabs) every ones inn a while or order pizza. We used to have a delivery for Mexican food but they don’t deliver in our region anymore. Unfortunately. And I also love the Syrian food but we hardly order there because Mr. ♡ is not too fond of it.

foods of the year savory

And then of course I cook. Since the pandemic I have started to try my way through all the vegan meat options that are now available at the stores. We have had vegan Schnitzel (bottom left) many times and it taste really good. Also vegan burgers, meatballs and casseroles. We have a lot of fish fingers – which you know if you read my Corona Diaries but apparently I never photographed that. Lots of soups are making it on the table when I cook only for myself. I love a good soup. I often eat rice or noodles with a lot of salad and greens.

And of course favorite dishes such as my traditional Schmorgurken – my favorite summer dish all vegan and yum. There were other traditional German foods like “Königsberger Klops” or “Quarkkeulchen“.

Every once in a while a dish turns out awful This happened when I wanted to make a risotto with self gathered herbs and plants (bottom right). I ended up through it all away after picking of the feta cheese. Either had gathered something untasteful/poisonous so that my body signaled me stop or I combined things that edit go together.

So much about my food. I loved seeing it all neatly next to each other. maybe I need to make it an annual review thing. What you think should that be a link party?

Happy cooking


6 thoughts on “Foods of the year

  1. Wow! This is incredible. What a great selection of food. Isn’t it so amazing to see it collaged like that; so many colours and textures and flavours. I’m so glad God made food delicious (even though I sometimes have a tough relationship with food, I feel like I’m trying to appreciate it for the gift it is!). I really do love food and the presentation is beautiful. I still think your dinner gift idea what fabulous, too!

    It’s almost like a diary of your year – these pictures. The takeout that reflects fatigue of the pandemic; the different breakfast options that likely vary seasonally.

    Thanks for the fun post :)
    Elisabeth recently posted…Casual Friday + On Birthday’s and Doing Things for the Last TimeMy Profile

    1. Yes exactly a diary of food. Everything is in there and even my typical migraine food of cucumbers. I think if you start doing that regularly it would be so fun to see how it changes. I think I am going to make it a reappearing post idea. I would love to see other peoples food too. And don’t get me started on the relationship of food. from the pictured you would think I am looking 10 kg lighter. Unfortunately not.

  2. This is a great post, Tobia. You know I photograph my food a lot too and it’s great to sum up a year like that. As Elisabeth said, food really is a gift and I have appreciated it much more during the pandemic, because we cooked a lot more (new dishes, too!) and we also appreciated the times when we got take out as it was a nice treat when nothing else was really possible.

    1. Don’t we all have too many food photos on the phone? Food is a gift. However I sometimes which I wouldn’t constantly thinking about it. Take out during the lock-down truly was the highlight.

  3. I think I remember this from your “day in the life” post, but do you not eat lunch? It seems like breakfast and dinner are your meals!
    I’m interested in your vegan options- from what I understand, Berlin is a big vegan city these days.
    I’m like you- I rotate between just a couple different things for breakfast, with the occasional variation of pancakes or waffles on the weekend. Your dinners look interesting and varied! I struggle to come up with enough dinner ideas. Nice post!

    1. Very observant: we usually eat only too meals. Breakfast/lunch is mostly one as we do that rather late. On weekends no earlier than 1pm. When I am alone I do that around 11am. And then usually a warm dinner choice. Yes Berlin has gotten very vegan so much so that even Discounter carry a lot of vegan choices. I used to be a vegetarian for about 8 years before living in the US for a year. I love simple veggi dishes my favorite “schmorgurken” ist actually vegan. You should try it. I also feel we are always eating the same so maybe we should exchange recipes. Do you have good vegan Christmas cookie receipts? I want to try something new this year.

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