Happy Easter

Happy Easter Tulip

I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny Easter.

My Easter is going to be different – usually my family comes together at my grandpas. Saturday night I prepare the easter bread we are going to have for breakfast while my sister is dying eggs. My dad brings up some forsythia twigs we then decorate with easter eggs made 25 years ago. My mother is everywhere doing chores.

On Sunday after church and easter egg hunting my grandpa is inviting everyone for lunch at the local restaurant. There we meet my aunt and cousins. We’ll discuss if we are having lamb or rabbit for lunch and hoping that what ever we choose is not sold out yet. It’s always a fun time with catching up and chattering and laughing.Happy Easter Tulip

Well, this year I got a call from my parents: we are going on vacation. My aunt and cousin won’t be there either. It’s going to be a small group of 4 + my grandpa. It’s different but I also look forward to it.

So while you reading this I will be sitting in the garden with my grandpa, enjoying the sunshine, observing the squirrels and eating some easter candy (hopefully).


Enjoy your easter and I would love to hear if you have traditional ways to celebrate or if it’s not such a big deal for you…



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