At the Moment #8/2021

at the moment inn 2022

For my birthday I document a current snapshot of feelings, thoughts and emotion. And even though I am two days late I will not break the tradition. I have been living inn the moment the past weekend and I enjoyed every moment and soaked up all the love and moments to cherish for the next decade. So writing this post after my actual birthday and such a full heart my color it a bit but so it is:

.I feel:
… loved. Blessed. Emotional.

.I like:
… living in our new apartment by the lake, enjoying the morning breath, hearing the birds and the waves.

.I don’t like:
… that we may have to move out earlier than we want.

.I realize:
… that I take after like my dad when it comes to slow down after medical incidents. We are both very impatience with the healing process and have a hard time accepting our handicap and needing help.

.I explore:
… my new neighborhood.

.I need:
… a new bike.

.I’m annoyed by:
… people and situations that demand my immediate attention because they have an agenda and make their problem my problem.

.I want:
… to socialize. I am usually not the kind of person who needs to see and meet many people but I feel like I want invite everyone over for coffee.

.I hear:
… nature. Ducks. Church bells. Dog barks. The neighbors fountain.

.I’m making:
… plans for my balcony herb garden.

.I eat:
… too much candy. Not enough greens. Always ice cream. Lots of take-out.

.I drink:
… coffee. Tea. Juice spritzer – current favorite black currant.

.I gather:
… my strength. Physically and mentally for the next challenges and tasks.

.I smell:
… the lake.

.I miss:
… my youthful lightness, ease of mind and courage.

.I regret:
… unnecessary fights.

.I enjoy:
… my life.

.I appreciate:
… the people in my life. Everyone has their own struggle and load of things to do and yet there is time for me .

.I trust.
… in a positive outcome.

.I dream:
… literally about to-do lists and struggles.

.I hope:
… to be able to travel again and explore new places.

.I must:
… order the husbands birthday preset – from 3 year ago.

.I read:
… An absolutely remarkable thing by Hank Green. The Talmud. The Internet. And so many emails…

.I write:
… a new list for 100 in 1000 days.

.I emoji:
… ☺️😊😅😂🥺😍

And since the currently in June series by Anne is falling close to my birthday I add those prompts to this years list.

.I celebrate:
… my birthday and 40 years around the sun. What a privilege to be this old and have (hopefully) many more years to do this living.

.I give:
… my birthday money to charity.

.I take:
… things too personal often times.

.I try:
… to make peace with my body and accept that I won’t look like 20 again. And at the same time not to make excuses to change a few things…

.I wear:
… dress pants with stripes and chequers. But also invested in some new dresses in royal blue – my current favorite shade of color.

And just like that another year in the books. If you enjoyed this post you may also like a look in my previous birthday wrap ups 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. I’ll read about last year now.

Happy belated birthday to me and happy day to you


4 thoughts on “At the Moment #8/2021

  1. Happy Birthday! I had my 35th a little over a week ago and I really would like to carve out some time for instrospection.
    I hope you continue to heal and that things fall into place with the new home. Wishing you health, happiness and calm in the year ahead <3
    Elisabeth recently posted…Be Like The Bird…My Profile

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