October Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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While I type this post and remember the past 31 days the fog wafts through the covered leaves in the trees and hangs over the lake outside. It’s magical. And I wished I could share that atmosphere of promise and new beginnings that lie hidden from our view. Lingering to be discovered. Its the perfect mood for October celebrations and crafting new goals of celebration.

October has been busy. Too busy. I was overworked, sore and drained but ended this month with a spa weekend. So now I feel better. There is new energy and new plans. Only two more months in this year of 2022. So much I wanted to get done. So much I haven’t yet. Time to figure out where the priorities are. Because lets be honest – something needs to fall to the wayside…

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in October

October was hard. I often sat here even too tired to cry it out. But my heart is still full.

  • I celebrated the season by taking morning walks and acknowledging the changing leaves.
  • I celebrated a dinner date with my cousin and her longtime bf.
  • I celebrated the visit of my niece and nephew to Berlin and a fun day in the woods.
  • I celebrated our book club meeting.
  • I celebrated a spa getaway with my mom.
  • I celebrated harvesting the last herbs on my balcony.
  • I celebrated the change of light this season.
  • I celebrated the foggy mornings at the lake.
  • I celebrated the fish jumping in the lake.
  • I celebrated a hot bath or two.
  • I celebrated many hit cups of tea and the effect that always has on me.
  • I celebrated a seven hour sleep – so rare so good.
  • I celebrated good food.
  • I celebrated Mother Earth by getting a To-Good-To-Go bag.
  • I celebrated a Social Media free Sunday and hopefully many more to come.
  • I celebrated my fellow bloggers by leaving 36 comments.
  • I celebrated 24 migraine free days.
  • I celebrated the sparkles my tea cup made in the afternoon sun.
celebrating october

My goals and intentions for November

November is the runway for me beloved season of advent and usually pact with errands and such. But lets of for many celebratory moments too.

  • I will celebrate taking part in NaBloPoMo again.
  • I will celebrate packing another shoebox for a child for Christmas.
  • I will celebrate getting a huge work project finished.
  • I will celebrate Friendsgiving.
  • I will celebrate the last warm sun rays that reach my face.
  • I will celebrate tranquility by taking morning walks.
  • I will celebrate the opportunity the access to medical care.
  • I will celebrate patience with the new construction sides around the house.
  • I will celebrate books and every minute I can find to read.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you.

Now let me know one thing you were able to celebrate in October.

Happy November everyone


16 thoughts on “October Celebrations – Monthly Recap

  1. I love the focus on “celebration” here! October was a stressful month for us- lots of ups and downs. But there were definitely good things, and I wish I’d celebrated them more. Looking ahead- November is a very celebratory month! We’ll of course celebrate Thanksgiving and my son coming home from school for a week. My daughter has some fun concerts coming up for her school band. And of course I’m celebrating taking part in NaBloPoMo!

    1. Such great reasons for celebrating! NaBloPoMO alone is a wonderful celebration but with the holidays coming up and the house filled with people is even more special. Hope November keeps all the promises and many more celebrations to come your way.

  2. So many good things to celebrate in October, albeit it being a busy month. I love that you had a spa weekend with your mom and that you had 24 migraine-free days. Definitely worth celebrating.

    So excited to see what November will bring and how you will focus on celebrating all the things, big and small :) And of course, I am looking forward to celebrating NaBloPoMo, blogs and genuine connection this month.

    1. Yes there have been so many great things to celebrate. It’s always amazing how much one can find when looking for it.
      Also excited to celebrate all the fun posts heading my way in November

  3. That spa weekend of yours sounds like an excellent way to end a busy month. I am so impressed by your long list of things to celebrate! I can hardly remember what happened in mine. October went by in a blur. I am new here through NaBloPoMo and excited to read along.

    1. Welcome Meike and so glad you are joining in the NaBloPoMo fun. Its amazing how many things you can actually find to celebrate, appreciate be thankful for one you focus on it – and I keep noting things down throughout the month… Otherwise my list would be much shorter. Isn’t. it sad that the good things won’t get remembered as much.

  4. I love your list of celebrations! A spa weekend sounds so delightful. I’m glad you got to do that.

    In October, I celebrated being able to be a helper! I was able to help a friend who was laid up with a broken ankle and my mom who was car-less for most of the month. Being a helper always brings me great joy, and I’m glad I was able to be there for them.
    Stephany recently posted…October Reading Wrap-UpMy Profile

  5. For me everyday is a celebration because I managed to get up and make it to work. And on the weekends I don’t go to work it is is still a celebration simply by waking up and getting out of bed. :-) I love the Winter blog posts ideas!

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