Starry Night #23 * Masking Tape Star * DIY Advent Calendar

masking tape star

Only one more night until Christmas Eve is here. I am excited. I am happy. And I am busy. Bet you are too.

So I figured let’s have a tiny tiny DIY if you still need a bit of color, festive feeling and something nice. Or maybe you are not even celebrating within your own four walls.

This DIY is for you – a Masking Tape Star!

masking tape star

All you need: masking tape

Now find your canvas! That can be door, a cupboard or shelf, maybe a window or even your table.

Make your stars and enjoy how fast and easy you have just decorated.

masking tape star

Have a great day. I hope there are not a lot of errands to run and more time to get into the Christmas groove.

Happy taping, Tobia

4 thoughts on “Starry Night #23 * Masking Tape Star * DIY Advent Calendar

  1. That’s cuuute! Such a great idea, it would work well with washi tape any color! Now I kind of wish I had done this instead of buying those metallic stars and making holes in the wall – whoops :-)

    Happy Holidays lovely! sending you a big hug.

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