Starry Night #23 * Masking Tape Star * DIY Advent Calendar

masking tape star

Only one more night until Christmas Eve is here. I am excited. I am happy. And I am busy. Bet you are too.

So I figured let’s have a tiny tiny DIY if you still need a bit of color, festive feeling and something nice. Or maybe you are not even celebrating within your own four walls.

This DIY is for you – a Masking Tape Star!

masking tape star

All you need: masking tape

Now find your canvas! That can be door, a cupboard or shelf, maybe a window or even your table.

Make your stars and enjoy how fast and easy you have just decorated.

masking tape star

Have a great day. I hope there are not a lot of errands to run and more time to get into the Christmas groove.

Happy taping, Tobia

Wrap it baby { Recycle Quick Tip #7 }

gift wrapping

Hey there,

are you online shopping crazy like me? I mean come on why hassle to the store, stand in line for the dressing room, fight your way to the cashier or not finding what you were looking for in the first place and ending up spending money that didn’t need spending…

Yes I am a big online shopper. I like it, it’s so much easier and much more relaxing.

However you do end up with all the boxing, papers, bubble wrap and what else. We keep some of it because we do sell online too but once in a while it’s just too big of a pile. That is when I start using the stuff laying around.

gift wrapping with masking tape

Like the other day I wrapped my friends birthday gift in boxing paper and added some masking tape.

gift wrapping with masking tape

I was quite happy with me. I thought it looked good, she liked it, less ruffle in my apartment and no trash in the can. Sounds like win-win for me.

Have a great Wednesday,


Masking Tape Organization {Recycle Quick Tip #3}

How do you store your masking tapes? In the beginning I only bought myself two rolls of tape and they were neatly stored where the regulare tape was. Well, by now my collection has gotten slightly larger and they roll all over the place. Not that great…

So time to do something about it, no? Yes, recycling!

And here it is my newest Recycle Quick Tip #3:

p32_recyclingtip #3_b1

What you need: empty tetra pack, scissors, tape, craft paper.

Cut the tetra pack to your desired heights.

p32_recyclingtip #3_b2

Attach double sided tape on the upper edge. Now attach your craft paper and make sure to do so without creases.

p32_recyclingtip #3_b3

Decorate the upper edge with your favorite masking tape. Store all you tapes and voila your drawer is all cleaned up.

Happy Crafting,


Amazon Tetris {Recycle Quick Tip #1}

Heute bin ich mal wieder über unsere gesammelten Amazon-Leer-Kartons gestolpert. Also eigentlich habe ich was gesucht und danach musste ich ne Runde Live-Tetris spielen.

Irgendwie bewahren wir die ganzen Kisten immer auf – man könnte ja was verkaufen, oder versenden, etc. Und eigentlich sind wir nur zu faul das Zeug zum Altpapier zu schleppen.

p26_recycling tip X_b1

Aber das hat mich dazu inspiriert aus dem ganze Verpackungsmaterial noch etwas nützliches zu machen.

Heute Recycle Quick-Tip #1

Eine alte Klopapierrolle in eine kleine Geschenkverpackung verwandeln.

p26_recycling tip X_b2

Dazu einfach das Verpackungspapier mit Klebstoff faltenfrei auf die leere Toilettenpapierrolle kleben. Mit Masking Tape verzieren. Fertig. SuperEasyPeasy.

Das passt super für kleine Leckereien, Schmuck, Gutscheine und was euch sonst noch einfällt.

p26_recycling tip X_b3

Ich hab darin kleine Fähnchen für Cupcakes & Co verstaut.

Habt einen schönen Mittwoch!