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When I was on my why home from Düsseldorf yesterday and saw the peachy sky pass the train window I realized it was midsummer. What better night to sit down and scribble down a summer bucket list to tick off.

summer bucket list ocean view beach pebbles

Here we go:

  1. Eat a ton of water melon
  2. Sit in the park and read a book
  3. Watch the grey heron catch a fish
  4. Take a photo walk
  5. Go to a gallery or a museum
  6. Buy a car
  7. Take a weekend trip with Mr. 🖤
  8. Have a BBQ at our friends
  9. Go to a baptism
  10. Sew a shirt
  11. Make a tassel necklace
  12. Finish the #100daysofcraftaliciousdrops project
  13. Enjoy early summer mornings on the balcony
  14. Create a new ice cream flavour

Seems like I am on a run when it comes to making a list. Now I just need to put it in motion. Wish me luck.

If you need even more ideas for your summer check out my summer list 2016 or 2017 and then share in the comments so I can have a peak.

Happy summer

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