I am loving those annual reviews. They make you remember what happened the last 365 days and more than once I have rediscovered memories buried so deep that I didn’t know they happened. I also love those tv shows and try watching at least one but lately they really suck.

Anyway, after year one and year two here comes my recap of blogging year number three.

3 years of blogging

I don’t feel I have had the greatest blogging experience this year. Maybe I was preoccupied or maybe I felt other things had more importance in life. I don’t know.

This year I have been writing 57 blog posts. I am a bit sad that it is less than last year (75) but I guess that’s life. August was the best months and the month I was staying home unemployed so I guess you know why. But February with my little wedding series was good too. And as always December ist strong. I have many more ideas and I am hoping I will break the trend and write more, show you more and inspire more.

I am so glad that people stop by and read my words. I know we all have lots going on so I am thankful that you spend a few minutes of your life to read my blog. A special thanks to my most loyal blog readers who also take the time to leave a comment. Thank you Elisa, San, Feliz and Selma. Every comment makes me happy. I am also grateful for all the pople following me on Twitter (230), Pinterest (263) and Bloglovin (38). When I registered for a the blog conference Blogtacular they wanted to know my instagram handle. Didn’t have it. Who has time for another social media account, right? Anyhow like 2 hours later I signed up and I have to say while Twitter was my favorite 2014 it was Instagram (89) this year.

my instagram

In 2015 most people looked for mood boards on my blog. But again my wreath ideas are really popular too. Also a lot of you wanted to read about missed chances and why it’s ok. And a few of you searched for Kermakakku. My favorite post this year was probably my recap of our trip to the arctic circle. The article I put the most thought into was about my personal style. I also participated in some of Bine’s Schreibzeit topics but didn’t get around to writing as many as I hoped for. New year, new chance…

I created a new page for all my Advent and Christmas related topics. This took me forever to do as I didn’t understand the set up of the plugin. Just when I was ready to leave it be I decided to search one more time for a plugin. Well this one was great and I set up the page in an hour or so. And also my Dawanda shop got his own page.

While I was quite creative this year I feel like I didn’t spend much time on my photography. I blame it on my camera. I am no longer happy with it and might need to save up for a new one.

This year was probably my hardest blogging year so far. I had a lot of ideas but no time or energy to realize them. Often times I thought I should post something. Remembering why I started though kept me sane and I didn’t stress when I had nothing to share or just didn’t feel like it.

I am excited for 2016 and looking forward what it will bring.

Happy end of the year to you,


10 Things You should read while I am on the road

A long time I have talked about going to Blogtacular! It’s finally here! I’ll be in a room full of creative people.

And I’ve prepared something for you to spend your time while I am gone. Why don’t you read my 10 most favorite blog posts here on craftaliciousme?

 bridal boquet to necklace

DIY Craziness

♥ My idea of saving the world of dusted bridal flowers – make jewelry and wear it!

♥ No secret that I am the biggest X-mas addict around. In 2014 I had my DIY advent calendar. I think the star lantern is my fave. But then I love the magnet too.

Baking Away

♥ Read the story behind my love for blueberries and make yourself a yummy blueberry cheese cake.

♥ I love bread. Specially when its homemade. Here is my take on potato bread.

blueberry cream cheese cake

Photo Love

♥ I love browsing Berlin with my camera. I take you on a walk through this lovely garden.

♥ Always amazed what nature is throwing at us. When we look closely you can find the weirdest seeds!

 weird fall seed


♥ Just realizing I only have one travel post up. Crazy I’ve been to 20+ countries… But this is a great one: My honeymoon at the arctic circle.

snowy landscape at glass igloo

Living Life

♥ I am big fan of lists and I feel setting goals is important to not get lost in the everyday hustle. And specially New Years.

♥ It’s not all rainbows and unicorns so I struggled with job hunting in 2013 and wrote about it.

♥ Having a great drink and being relaxed is a wonderful. Even better with homemade lemonades. Pink Grapefruit is my fave.

homemade pink lemonade

Now you read and I better get going to the airport.

Happy reading,


Bonus: I forgot my most favorite DIY!

10 Things getting ready for blog conferences :: Blogtacular 2015

Only a couple more weeks and I’ll be sitting with a bunch of creative people and chat and learn and laugh while being on the blogtacular conference.

The last conference I went to was so very last minute I couldn’t prepare at all. This time I am all in to get the most out of it. Here is my list – and yes I might take it a bit too serious but hey I did spend money to go.


1. Get excited

When I planned on going somewhere I couldn’t be more happy to have Elisa jump on the band wagon. Because getting excited together is just so much more fun. Hubby sure listens to my babble but he’s not going so obviously he doesn’t care that much. And doing a bit of planning together and pitching ideas and realizing over and over again: same idea! Yeah high five blogging friend! Is just exhilarating. Don’t know anyone yet? Go anyways! What do you think where Elisa and I met?

2. Who will be there

It’s always great to know who is attending. I started following all people I know will be there on bloglovin and Twitter. I set up a bloglovin file for blogtacular speakers, blogtacular attendees and blogtacular faves (like the blogs I really have a connection with). I also have Twitter lists for speakers and attendees. I try to primarily read blog posts of blogtacular attendees, try to comment and already build a connection. I am sometimes shy when I see someone I want to talk to. Already having a connection might help.

3. Make a list

After getting to know the people I start a tiny list of people I would really like to talk to. I don’t know if I will (dare) manage to meet all but at least I define it before. Otherwise I might be overwhelmed. My list includes name, blog name and Twitter handle (so I actually have a way to contact onsite.)

4. Elevator Speech

I have a hard time saying in two sentences what this blog is about. I started out with crafting and baking but I don’t think that covers it now. Looking at my categories it says most stuff is “Just Life” so is it a creative and delicious lifestyle blog? I need to figure it out before the conference. Help and feedback welcome!

5. Have a great picture

Load up a picture at Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/e.g. where people will recognize you. Like your face. I know, not a fan either but hey you wanna get to know people so they probably should recognize you, huh? And it should be the same on all platforms.

6. Equipment check

What will you need to bring?! I read of additional chargers (don’t have one) so I better pack a cable, camera (I need a new battery), I wanted to get a phone cover (better order soon √) and I need to figure out if a laptop is necessary. And I need to stock up of cute pens and maybe sew them a little pouch so they don’t get lost. I already have a fun notebook including notes from my first blogging conference.

7. Know your blog stats

Just in case you are meeting the most awesome company asking for a cooperation. A girl can dream, right?

business cards craftaliciousme

8. Get your business cards

For my last conference I was really last minute and handmade a few cards. I loved them but with the blog redesign I needed new ones. I ordered them right away so I am already set. But you should definitely have some and if only to collect creativity from other bloggers by exchanging.

9. Outfit

I usually don’t plan my outfits that much in advance and just go with what I feel like but I am all set for an outfit and try to gather and make the missing pieces. I am kinda running out of time though. But as you already know I am a color-coding person so my color palette for the trip is set to blues, whites and I think pinks.

10. Enjoy

Being all set leaves only one thing to do: ENJOY. Even though I’ve got my list of people I would like to meet and sponsors to introduce myself I will not force it. If it doesn’t happen it doesn’t. I’d rather be open and go with the flow.

Now, who is going too?! And who has a few more good ideas or things to think of?! Let’s hear it!

How all this went down you’ll read here in June!

Happy planning, Tobia

Catching Up or is it Hustling Along?!

Hey and hello,

it’s been somewhat quiet here. That’s ok if anyone else feels as overwhelmed as I am with the number of unread posts in my feed reader. So I am doing us a favor in not adding more…

No seriously, how do you handle the load of interesting posts and thoughts and ideas and recipes? I sometimes feel like I am just hustling along but missing out on life while doing so.

Do you have a good strategy on how to read up on blogposts? Do you organizing them in files as to know what to read when you feel like food or DIY topics? I do use bloglovin however I do have an account at feedly too. I think bloglovin is easier on the eyes though.

I have a lists of Favorites with 10 blogs and I try to read those always first and I try to comment.

Then I have a few lists for topics such as DIY, Food, Baking, Photography, WordPress & Blog Tips/Help and the overall group Lifestyle.

And then I have lists for certain happenings like Blog Conferences I attended (The Hive) or will attend (Blogtacular), blog events (Adventskalender, Monthly Resolutions, Twitter chats, etc.).

That all leaves me with over 200 blogs I follow. Is that a lot? I know  a few need to go because I dread opening my reader. But than I think there’s been a reason the made it in the reader the first time. Ah what a nightmare…

Ok, so when is a blog out of the picture for you? Spill the beans I am listening. I need to tackle this “problem”.

See y’all later,


My Blog – My private Diary! {Schreibzeit #3}

This year Bine has another interesting project going on – Schreibzeit (writing time). Her topics are very blogging focused and I kinda like it. Because you get to think about what you’re actually doing here on deeper level. In March ( I know I am late) it was “My Blog – My private Diary”.

Every one of us has her own reason for why we got started. And one could say everyone of us is probably also a bit exhibitionistic.

So how private is this blog of mine?! How private do I want it to be?! How private is too private? And when can this privacy get dangerous?

Schreibzeit Diary

One of the reasons why it took me 5 years to get started on a blog was the privacy issue. I knew from the beginning, that everyone will know who I am when looking in the imprint. This kinda scared the s*** out of me. However the urge to try this blog thing got the best of me and I started telling myself I’ll figure out the scary stuff when it comes my way. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to cope with scary yet. Please be nice and don’t start now…

When I started out I wanted to document all the things I created. The blog was also my way to make myself accountable to create. I get easily distracted and don’t find time to get started. So that’s how it was for the first months. Then I read more and more that – if you want your blog to be successful – you need to show yourself and let your readers know the person behind the blog. This was kinda a dilemma. Because in my first year of blogging I was also (desperately) trying to find a job, had a lot of self doubt, questioned my career choice and was just feeling very miserable. I didn’t want this out. Because let’s face it – we Google people we get to know and especially when being on a job hunt.

But I had to admit to myself that I loved reading about how other people manage their everyday life, how they handle stress or cope with tough situations.

So I eased up a bit on telling more about the person behind. However there are some things (for now) that will not appear on this blog

  • There are hardly any pics of me on here. I don’t find it necessary, I don’t feel like I need to be recognized and I know once they are out there I can’t get them back.
  • Pics of my family will not find their way to this space. Because you can’t take them back. And I would need to ask permission – and not all of my family knows of this blog.
  • I will not announce my vacation time on this blog. Maybe I am unreasonably scared but I believe people will check and then go break into my apartment. And while I am typing this I wonder if I give ideas.
  • I would not discuss private problems here.

What I really can not understand why some bloggers promenade their kids on the blog or Facebook (specially in the US). I get it that you are proud of your kids and want to share the adventure. But honestly what would the 15 year old say when their friends Google and find picture of a one year old in pampers?! I believe kids have personal rights too. In the end it’s not my place to judge but I sometimes wonder if parents think that far…

I was also struggling a lot in 2013 if I should post about the death of a family member. I am not sure if I would do it again but back then I needed to get it of my chest.

In the end it is a tough topic. I agree with Bine: I say things on my blog I would share with people I get to know and have a connection with. I can imagine it will get tougher to distinguish once you blog for a long time. 

What are your thoughts? Is that something you actually think about or do you just do what you feel in the moment?! Do I overthink it?! I’ll be jumping over and read a bit on Bines link-up.

Happy thinking,