White Snowball Wreath :: This year’s Advent wreath tutorial

Snowball Wreath

Hello There,

so nice of you to join me and have a look at my annual advent wreath making.

For this year I felt all cozy and cuddly and I knew it needed to be something soft. After I cut up my favorite pullover last year it seems to be a trend.

My frequent readers know I am such a sucker for snow. And since it will be a while in my part of the world until we have some – if any at all – I decided on a white snowball wreath this year.

It’s another simple one and probably a great DIY for kids as well. Anyhow I made a tiny tutorial.

Snowball Wreath tutorial craftaliciousme

It’s actually so simple that it feels weird to write the steps down but here we go.

  1. Gather your supplies: Cotton balls, wreath form and glue.
  2. Glue cotton balls on the bottom outside of the wreath form.
  3. Glue cotton balls on the bottom inside of the wreath form.
  4. Fill the remaining gap with cotton balls. Don’t do it all symmetrical but mix it up.
  5. Enjoy your wreath.

Be careful not leave it unattanded if you are thinking about adding a candle. I only put a big one in the middle but I think I might use it as a door wreath.

What I learned:

  • Don’t use a glue gun and a foam wreath form.
    The hot glue eats it away
  • Actually use regular glue its fine and it will stick.

I am quite happy with the outcome. Please share if you decide to do your own version of this wreath.

Happy pre-advent DIYing,


White Wreath Inspiration :: It’s this time of the year

Good morning!

So we are getting closer to my most favorite season. And as you know I love looking at Advent and Christmas pictures (almost) all year long. And I have gathered another round of wreath inspiration. Today it’s all about color: White! (and please don’t start that “white is not a color thing”.)

Loving white wreath inspiration coming up:

Pinterest Inspiration White wreath DecoBazaar Botanika Studio

Source Etsy

DecoBazaar Botanika Studio1

Source Etsy

Julia bildschoen

Source: Julia is blogging on bildschoen and made this wreath. Check out the tutorial.


Pinterest Wreath Inspiration white DecoBazaar Botanika Studio

Source Etsy

Pinterest Inspiration white felt feather wreath

Source: Anne of Circus Berry shows her tutorial

Pinterest Inspiration by PeppermintPlum white yarn wreath

Source: Tammy and Annie share a tutorial in their blog Peppermint Plum

Are you looking for more ideas? Might want to check out the candy or pompom ideas. Or maybe rather moss and acorns? There is a tutorial for a walnut wreath.

What is your wreath going to look like?

Please share ideas! And if you still don’t have an idea check out my advent wreath 2015 – White Snowball Wreath.

Have a great Sunday and happy inspiration seeking,




Starry Night #20 * Snowball Star * DIY Advent Calendar

Now this is crazy. Almost a year ago I wrote about how warm it is and that we don’t have any snow yet.

I could do the same but I’ll skip that part. What I did last year was to invent some indoor snow balls. And I did a lot of those snow balls because we used them in our our winter wedding.

And I still have some left. So I figured repurpose!!!!

DIY snowball

Let’s do a Snowball Star!

♥ snowballs → see my tutorial here (cotton pads & glue gun)
♥ glue gun
♥ wire star → see my tutorial here

DIY snowball star

After you have done your wire star tie some nice satin ribbon to it.

Now get glueing! I tried to put a snowball on ever tip and every corner of the star. It almost worked out nicely. Now it has the charm of a kindergarten DIY.

#20_starry night_snowball star

I still love it and it’s hanging at my door.

Have you ever done a craft project with cotton pads? Let me know I’d love new inspiration.

Happy crafting, Tobia

24 days until Christmas { advent wreath 2013 }

walnut wreath tutorial by craftaliciousme

Good morning everyone,

it is here. Advent. My favorite time of the year. My season! I’ve been telling you about my fascination of this season already.

I’ve been gathering advent wreath ideas all through November. And I almost got lost in collecting and pinning ideas and not making a wreath. It was quite a battle to actually get a wreath form 3 days prior to the First of Advent. Note to self: Get it done earlier! 

I am still in love with the candy versions but didn’t feel like hunting down the best candy. One day I will make a wreath like those but not 2013. Then I really wanted to the pom pom wreath. Well in the end I used the materials that were handy to come by. Walnuts. So 2013 it is a walnut advent wreath. I’ve put together a tiny photorial. Hope you like it.

walnut advent wreath tutorial

1. Gather your supplies and heat up your glue gun.
2. Cover the wreath form in fabric. You’ll not be able to fit the nuts perfectly.
3. Start glueing the nuts to the form.
4. Keep glueing the second row.
5. And keep going with the third.
6. Take a guess: yeah next row. You get the idea…
7. I put a golden mist on mine by using spray paint.
8. Fill in big holes with small walnuts and mini christmas ornaments or what ever you like and come across.

walnut advent wreath

I’ll be enjoying my 1. Advent with a long breakfast and some fairy tale tv show (Once upon a time). Later we will decorate the apartment a bit and of course light our first candle.

Now I am really excited to see your creations. Start linking!

Nature inspired wreath ideas (part 1)
Moss wreath ideas (part 2)
Colorful acorn wreath ideas (part 3)
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Pom pom wreath ideas (part 5)

Pom Pom Parade { advent wreath ideas }

adventskranz 2014

Hello everyone,

Are you also at home starting on your christmas & advents decor or are you already done? All snuggled up in a blanket and watching the sky waiting for some snowflakes? Not me. Not done. BUT I am finally into the Christmas DIY. I am working on a tutorial and I hope I’ll be able to show you next week. But now I have few more advent wreath ideas for all those procrastinators like me. Today it’s a pom pom parade:

snowball wreath grey white

 I like the different textures in this snowball wreath made by Tia. There is a tutorial on her blog so check it out for more inspiration.


pom pom wreath nudeHere is another wreath made by Linda. I am in love the the simplicity of the pom pom wreath. I never came up with the idea of using this kind of wreath form. Interesting…


full pom pom wreath

Well I think is full pom pom wreath is my favorite. I love the colors, I love how close & tight they are tugged together. Check out Gretchen & Heather’s blog for even more ideas.

I was really hooked on the pom pom ideas this year and was ready to tackle a project like this. Well, I am not a knitter. So no yarn in my house. And I don’t have old woolen sweaters laying around. So I am kinda out of material (when does that ever happen, huh?!) I think I need to keep this one for another year.

Here is a sneak peak of what materials I’ve gathered so far.

adventskranz 2014I have an idea… We’ll see how it turns out.

Come back Sunday to have a look and remember, we are having a linking party. So get creative I need inspiration for 2014 ;-)

Cheers, Tobia

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