My Advent Wish List…

Isn’t it great? It’s the first of 1. Advent and my most favorite season has started. I was reading my blogs this morning and Bine had me inspired with her advent list and I figured I get up, make myself a cinnamon coffee, light the candle and type away.

Advent wreath decoration white green moss

So here is my advent wish list:

  • Decorating the apartment NOT right before Christmas but maybe even today. Lets start this advent right.
  • Not making a crazy load of cookies and stressing myself with it. I usually have a fix plan on baking the Saturday before Advent 1. Not this year. And I usually make around 10 different cookies (at least) in one sitting. It’s crazy. And I always wonder why no one wants to bake with me… This year I do them when I feel like it. Maybe invite my neighbor again because that was fun.
  • Sew myself a Christmas shirt. I have this silver sparkling fabric here and I also have a pattern all ready to go.
  • Take time to enjoy the season. Find a few minutes a day and calm down. Write a journal entry or work on Frau Hölles #24doodles  Adventskalender. Or just sit and star at the candle listening to music. Whatever helps to make the most of this season and soak it all up.
  • Visit the Christmas market. I am really no fan of those things, I thought,  but last year my colleagues dragged me to one and I LOVED it. So I hope I can motivate them to go again this year. I will have hot apple cider and roasted chestnuts.
  • Making a few Christmas presents myself or at least a tiny add on. I have started already but don’t know how it turns out.
  • Walk in snowfall. I love snow. I love the smell of fresh snow. And I love to breath the air. So hopefully it’s snowing while I have time to be outside.
  • Listen to Christmas music. I usually don’t like classical music much but once a year I listen to the “Christmas Oratorio” by Bach. It instantly gets me in the Christmas mood and I usually listen to it when baking.

This is my list. I hope I will be able to enjoy it all. Do you have a list? Please share!

Happy candle lighting,


White Snowball Wreath :: This year’s Advent wreath tutorial

Snowball Wreath

Hello There,

so nice of you to join me and have a look at my annual advent wreath making.

For this year I felt all cozy and cuddly and I knew it needed to be something soft. After I cut up my favorite pullover last year it seems to be a trend.

My frequent readers know I am such a sucker for snow. And since it will be a while in my part of the world until we have some – if any at all – I decided on a white snowball wreath this year.

It’s another simple one and probably a great DIY for kids as well. Anyhow I made a tiny tutorial.

Snowball Wreath tutorial craftaliciousme

It’s actually so simple that it feels weird to write the steps down but here we go.

  1. Gather your supplies: Cotton balls, wreath form and glue.
  2. Glue cotton balls on the bottom outside of the wreath form.
  3. Glue cotton balls on the bottom inside of the wreath form.
  4. Fill the remaining gap with cotton balls. Don’t do it all symmetrical but mix it up.
  5. Enjoy your wreath.

Be careful not leave it unattanded if you are thinking about adding a candle. I only put a big one in the middle but I think I might use it as a door wreath.

What I learned:

  • Don’t use a glue gun and a foam wreath form.
    The hot glue eats it away
  • Actually use regular glue its fine and it will stick.

I am quite happy with the outcome. Please share if you decide to do your own version of this wreath.

Happy pre-advent DIYing,


White Wreath Inspiration :: It’s this time of the year

Good morning!

So we are getting closer to my most favorite season. And as you know I love looking at Advent and Christmas pictures (almost) all year long. And I have gathered another round of wreath inspiration. Today it’s all about color: White! (and please don’t start that “white is not a color thing”.)

Loving white wreath inspiration coming up:

Pinterest Inspiration White wreath DecoBazaar Botanika Studio

Source Etsy

DecoBazaar Botanika Studio1

Source Etsy

Julia bildschoen

Source: Julia is blogging on bildschoen and made this wreath. Check out the tutorial.


Pinterest Wreath Inspiration white DecoBazaar Botanika Studio

Source Etsy

Pinterest Inspiration white felt feather wreath

Source: Anne of Circus Berry shows her tutorial

Pinterest Inspiration by PeppermintPlum white yarn wreath

Source: Tammy and Annie share a tutorial in their blog Peppermint Plum

Are you looking for more ideas? Might want to check out the candy or pompom ideas. Or maybe rather moss and acorns? There is a tutorial for a walnut wreath.

What is your wreath going to look like?

Please share ideas! And if you still don’t have an idea check out my advent wreath 2015 – White Snowball Wreath.

Have a great Sunday and happy inspiration seeking,




Wochen(glück)-Rückblick :: my happiness review #12

It is between the years and I’m loving this time. Time to look back and to reflect and relax. Make plans, finishing things up and just enjoying some quite moments.

My last week sure was happy. I am a Christmas gal (which you know by now, HA). And I love my Christmas tree all dressed in white and silver.

christmas tree white silver

We got the white christmas balls for our winter wedding. Besides the little bells I made all our ornaments myself.

And then I still had my blogger advent calendar and there were so many fun things in there I want to show you the once I haven’t yet:

Advent calendar by blogger friends#3


#14: Leah made us some ornaments, #15: Inna recycled a Nespresso capsule into a candle holder, #16 Susanne made a fun little confetti garland, #17 was my responsibility so Barbara snug in some sugared almonds. I gave everyone a reindeer necklace. Check out my Dawanda Shop if you want one too! #18 Judith made a wipe leaf to clean the display – very handy!


Advent calendar by blogger friends#4#19 Nic bagged us some summer – flower seeds to throw around and a coaster #20 Monika drew us a delicate aquarelle #21 Daniella took care of beauty and made us scrubs – they are great and work, #22 Merle made us a tea light candle holder I got one with fishes, #23 Kerstin got creative with copper plumbing supplies and turned them to candle holders, #24 and Karen made us a keychain.

I really love my advent calendar and I really really hope I’ll be able to part of it next year. It was so much fun and I also got to know some new blogs…

I wish you another week of relaxation and enjoy the season. I will.
And once again I’ll add it to Denise’s collection of happiness.

Happy holidays, Tobia


Starry Night #24 & A very Merry Christmas * DIY Advent Calendar

Now the waiting has an end!
While I am writing this I listen to “Joy to the World” one of my all time Christmas Favorites!

And today I only have a comfy DIY.

Make yourself a star coffee with Gingerbread Spices!

star coffee

Cut yourself a star out of paper so that you are left with a star hole. Now all you need to do is make your coffee and add milk foam on it. Then place your cutout on top of you mug and sprinkle gingerbread spice (or alternatively cocoa) on top.

You are done.

Now I want to wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas, enjoy some time with your loved ones, eat and be merry.

Merry Christmas