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That this year is different than all of the ones we experienced in our lifetime is a given. The question is what are we learning from it. I would have never thought that a pandemic such as Corona makes me miss moments. Realized things that I started missing, things I took for granted, moments that have been common until now.

Missing Hugs

Every time I see my family I hung them. When I see my best friend I hug her for a greeting. Hugs are my way of showing love and appreciation. To feel connected. Hugs are missing in my life. Did you know that hugs are important for your mental health? Hugs show support. Hugs can ease pain – something I can attest as I love them when having migraines. Hugs can reduce your stress level – but in order to boost the oxtocyn level the hug has to last 20 seconds or longer studies show . Hugs are an universal love language of support, connection and happiness.

Spa Days

I set out this year to re-introduce my quarterly spa days that I invented back in 2018. I crave those days where I solely focus on myself. I need those calibration days. While I like to goto the spa with my mom or sister it is something totally different on your own. I often lay underneath a tree and look into the branches listening to the wind. Those are perfect moments. I love sweating in the sauna. I need cold dip into the pool. I enjoy hours of reading, gazing, thinking… And I really really miss this me-time. I think Spas have been open during summer but I would not feel too comfortable and relaxing going to one. I fear though that many day spas are not surviving the crisis.


Well to be honest I am probably not the most spontaneous person. But it feels like everything needs to be planned extra careful this year. When I leave the house I need to think to get my mask. If not there will not be a quick stop at the grocery on the way back. I can not easily jump on a train when I don’t feel like walking all the way home. I won’t quickly stop by a friends house – ok I rarely do it…


I love to travel, I like to see the world, I crave the inspiration. I was lucky enough to be on a trip when Corona had already gripped Europe but we weren’t quite aware what was heading our way. Early February we spent a long weekend in Oslo to celebrate our anniversary. Who would have thought that was our only get-away. We usually spend a week somewhere in May and then in September or October. Well that obviously didn’t happen. Being a solo entrepreneur working from my home office most days. This year though I had to work from home. I really would like to see a few different walls one of those days.

Corona makes me miss those things. Probably a few more too but they are not as present. What are you missing during the pandemic?

Happy stay home


3 thoughts on “Things Corona makes me miss

  1. This year has been hard although I feel so lucky in so many regards – I still have a job and can work from home, I don’t have to homeschool children and I can stay in quarantine mode without too much of an effort.

    But of course, I do miss things… we were supposed to travel this summer with my family (that didn’t happen), we haven’t seen any friends since March (well, we also don’t have too many locally, but I also haven’t seen my friend in the Bay area that I usually get together with every other month), we haven’t eaten at a restaurant or done any day trips because of Covid. You adapt, but it doesn’t make things easier… and I think if I *could* see my family, it would be really hard NOT to hug them.

    I also definitely miss what you called spontaneity. EVERYTHING has to be thought through and planned and it costs a lot of mental energy.

    1. Totally with you. I am grateful for a job and the option to stay home as much as I seem necessary. Also I am glad there is no homeschooling on my end. Yes we adapt but it is for sure a challenge at days. Somewhere on the internet ist the saying: “Mich seit Wochen gefragt, warum ich so gestresst und erledigt bin. Heute gedacht: Es ist gar nicht, wei so viel zu tun wäre. Sondern weil so viel auszuhalten ist.” (Max Scharnigg)

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