In times like these it is good to have routines. But we need to be flexible and find creative solutions so we meet online today and chat from the comfort of our apartments.

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If we met for coffee…
of course our topic would be the current pandemic that holds this globe alert. While I am not overly concerned about my (personal) health issues I do worry about a few people around me. Mr. ♡ and I actually have been officially quarantined for 72 hours until his test came back negative. It’s just a regular infect for now. Even more anxious makes me the economic and political aftermath that will follow though. I personally already had almost all jobs canceled due to the situation. I decided to volunteer my time to a small business helping to keep them alive with my online marketing skills I can provide from home. Also I decided to write weekly letters to my godchild to keep them (hopefully) entertained with writing me back. How are you handling the situation so far? Let me hear all your thoughts about it.

Then we decide to move on to more regular topics and try to keep life going as usual. No point in panicking.

If we met for coffee…
I’d admit about my thoughts to only own books that are blue or white and maybe some shade of pinky coral. Ok and grays to black. Is that crazy? But I am always very annoyed by the different covers, the titles being written left to right and right to left on the spine. Who does that? Not even within a series it is the same. Drives me crazy.

If we met for coffee…
I’d tell you about my recent Marie Kondo project. I finally caved in and decided to get some structure in my wardrobe. One Saturday night I threw all my tops in a big pile on my bed and started folding in this special way. While doing so I also tracked every item I owned in an excel sheet for a better overview. It is amazing how many pieces of clothes you own when you believe daily there’s nothing in your closet. Could you pinpoint the number of clothes you own?

If we met for coffee…
we would discuss the following situation. I recently hired a cleaning service before we had some guests coming over. I was happy to squeezed in a couple more hours of work while someone got the apartment in order. When she was done I saw that the bedroom was still very dusty so I asked if she didn’t have time to finish it. She said she cleaned everything. Well after she left and a closer inspection I ended up doing a recleaning for 90 min. But that wasn’t the strangest part. At night when cooking with our guests I was reaching for the avocado I bought the day prior. But I only found one in my fruit basket instead of two. I was doubting myself but I was pretty sure I put two in. My guests said that I might have left it in the store but they came in a net… Oh well, sometimes strange things happen. However the next day when we wanted to make breakfast and I reached for the “Brötchen” (breakfast rolls) one was missing. Again I started to doubt myself but remembered I kept the receipt so I double checked. The right number was right there.
Since I and the cleaning lady were the only people in the house until the guests arrived I have to assume she took them. How crazy?! I mean if you are hungry you could ask. When she arrived I did offer. I am really pissed not because of the value of the stolen things but the audacity. Tell me, am I out of line?

If we met for coffee…
I share with you my Easter egg tutorial. Since we are meeting online it is easy to do so. And now that we might have a bit more time at our hands it might be something to try. I will probably do a few more of those eggs in this wax technique. Do you have a special craft that is very unique to your area or heritage? I would really love to hear about it.

We say our good byes for now and commit to check in with each other next month for sure. Maybe a quick note in between in these times were we all need some extra kind words.

Best for now


8 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | MARCH 2020

  1. This is a very anxious time. I’m glad your hubby doesn’t have the virus and hope he is feeling better soon. It’s a scary season for anyone who is freelance or self-employed. I hope things calm soon and everyone can get back to work, but I do worry. It’s interesting to notice how books are designed, once you start paying attention. My bookshelf is a rainbow of colors, but I see the appeal to only collecting books of a certain color scheme. I did a bit closet overhaul a few years ago and got rid of so many things. I only do a capsule wardrobe now, and it’s much easier to care for and figure out what I’m wearing everyday. I would be very bothered with a cleaning person taking food like that. I don’t think I would hire them again, especially since you had to clean after she left. Those Easter eggs are beautiful. I love all the different ways they can be decorated, and it makes me excited for Easter. Tobia, I’m so glad you joined the coffee date this month. Hope to see you next time! <3
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 45My Profile

    1. It’s definitely a very “interesting” time we live in and it will become much harder I am certain. But there are also possibilities to practice mindfulness and gratitude. I am mostly having a capsule wardrobe too but there is always things to sort through. I will definitely not hire the cleaning lady again. Thanks for the coffee date

  2. I hope your husband is feeling fine now. I am totally planning to figure out an excel based inventory system for things that I own. I think it would be an amazing way to a) be grateful for what I have (because I know it’s going to be a lot of stuff), and b) keep track of things so that I do not end up owning double/triple stuff!

    Life is kinda crazy these days, but also some kind of beautiful, right? Because it allows you to slow down, take stock, reassess if you want to, and enjoy the simpler things, wouldn’t you agree? I know it’s also stressful for a lot of people, so I am sending out as many good vibes as I can out there!

    1. Thank you for your good vibes. Yes it is crazy times we live in. I have to admit I am not much effected with the social distancing thing as I am keeping to myself most days. And I agree it doesn’t hurt to have people spent time to themselves, reassess and maybe develop more consciousness about how to treat each other. I see a lot of chance in the situation even though lots of my jobs have been canceled. We will figure it out and come out stronger.

  3. Finally got to read it, hey! Looking fwd to this Easter Egg diy.

    Regarding the cleaning: actually I witnessed a very similar situation when I was staying at my grandfather’s place last summer. He had a different cleaning lady coming that one day when I was there, and while he gave her exact instructions and left, the girl finished cleaning way before the agreed time and even had the audacity to ask me to check if everything was okay (it wasn’t). That’s just saddening, especially when somebody cleans an old person’s house – feels like cheating to me. Your situation even more so, since there were a few items missing.

    Regarding the Corona mess, well, as we already agreed: I believe it will have some (many) positive outcomes for our society and (MAINLY) the Planet – even though the dolphins in Venice were #fakenews :) I’ve just read today that Germany will unintentionally succeed in accomplishing its 2020 sustainability and climate goals, despite the fact politicians had proclaimed in February that it was impossible.
    Take care and be well,


    1. Oh that is so mean with the lady and your grandpa. Some people really have no manners.
      I believe nature is actually happy we all have to take a break. I wouldn’t be surprised to see foxes roaming the streets of Berlin pretty soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. What a strange time we’re living through. I haven’t participated in these “coffee chat” posts myself, but it was nice to just feel like we can sit down and talk for a minute…. now that people can’t get together in person.

    I am glad to hear your hubs tested negative. A friend of mine had pneumonia and was tested as well (luckily, she was also negative), but everybody is on high alert with any symptoms right now (understandably!).

    Regarding the situation with your cleaning lady, yes, that is a bit odd that she’d just take food… however, if she’s desperate, I’d understand. Even if you offered food to her, she might have been to embarrassed to take it/ask.

    1. So glad your friend was tested negative as well. It is a bit difficult right now. You don’t want to be too pushy and demand a doctor in case it’s nothing but also don’t want to carry it around in case you do.
      As for the cleaning lady apparently this was a thing she did as she disappeared from the Plattform after a couple other people also complained… If being hungry and desperate its one thing but scheming is something totally different.

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