My 2013: one year of blogging

one year of blogging

Right around Christmas 2012 I decided to finally jump into the blogging experience.

Once I actually decided it didn’t take me too long to push the publish button on my very first post. Well it would have taken me forever but I had Mr. ♥ sitting right next to me. I owe him a big

thank you

And as everyone who its starting something new I can’t get enough of watching it grow. And for some reason I just love statistics. I’m usually no fan of numbers. Mix some letters in there and my brain shuts down. But watching those little cute graphs go up and down is kinda interesting. So here is my little blog statistic paired with things I’ve learned along the way and fun facts (at least for me).

I have written 87 posts in 2013. March turned out to be my busiest blogging month but don’t talk about September. My very first comment was on this post – later I realized it was spam.

Overall I have 317 comments on my blog. And my bloglovin‘ plugin tells me I have 14 readers. There are 36 followers over at Twitter and more than 100 on Pinterest. I’m oh so happy about every single one of them. Hello you. Thank you for reading along.

It seems like people stumble upon my blog by looking for cake pops and advent wreath. The potato bread is quite popular too. I wanted to write a lot about DIY crafts and tutorials but I ended up filling the Just Life category the most. Am I a lifestyle blog now?! I don’t know. Don’t really care either.

When I started I wanted to have a weekly series – so I created Soup Sunday. I realized pretty quick I can’t keep it up. But I discovered a lovely fennel soup. And I am sure there will be more soups in 2014. I am really happy to have had a seasonal round up of wreath ideas. And I also hosted my first link-up party – thank you for everyone participating. I already have an idea for next year…

I also met some bloggers in real life. Quite spontaneous I signed up for The HIVE. And it was such an inspiring weekend. I am usually shy when it comes to meeting new people. But I really don’t regret going.

So looking back on my first year of blogging I can really say I did good. It took a little different direction than I might have thought, I tried out a lot of new things I’d otherwise might have not put into action and I really really learned a lot. I am glad I started craftaliciousme. It made me more creative. I am so excited where it will take me.

But now have a sparkling start into 2014. I’ll be back next year.

My 2013: color me happy – photo challenge

one year of blogging

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The big eating battles are over, time to gather your strength for New Years and getting ready for 2014. Those days in between years – as I call them – are somewhat special to me. I love end of year reviews.

This is a post I’ve been looking forward and working towards since the beginning of the year.

The color me happy photo challenge by Bine & Andrea was somewhat a tip over the edge to start my blog. I was planning to spend more time on taking photos in 2013 and so my goal was to have a picture up for every color. Always having in mind the overall overview picture at the end of the year. And here it is. And I am loving it.

my 2013

However I have to admit I didn’t take every picture this year. My white advent wreath in January was shot on a lovely winter day. In February I struggled with the color scheme – no red in the middle of winter. So I took an older picture and wrote a blog post quite important to me. I felt like a blogger for the first time. I spend lots of time researching for this post and it is probably the one I spent the most time on this year. My March pictures were taken just for this post. But I just realized it is the only post on jewelry – and I consider myself a DIY jewelry maker. I need to change this in 2014 and show you more on that topic. For the April picture I had to go back and dig through my archive and relived a bit of our Vancouver vacation in 2012.

The sparkle blue May picture is a jewelry project. I haven’t finished it yet. Never got around to it. So sad. In June I took you to a stroll through Tierpark Berlin and was reminded how much fun I had there. You got a glimpse of those flamingos. The fruity orange theme in July was a fun little project. For a few days I had my camera always in my purse and realized how much orange this city is showing. It sure opened my eyes and I think I need to make more of those trips through Berlin with a topic in mind. My August picture told you about a wonderful idea. I was really hooked and surprised how long and well it was being used.

In September I showed you an archive pictures of an abandoned place. This was my very first photo excursion and I just got to know my camera. My friend and I felt quite adventurous climbing through those buildings. When it gets colder outside I love hot chocolate and in October I shared my Grandma’s recipe. In November I started my first little blog series and showed you advent wreath ideas. And the in December we were right in the Christmas topic and you also got a glimpse of Mr. ♥.

This was my little review. I have been thinking about a new challenge I want to participate in in 2014. I really love the idea of 12tel Blick and hope it will be hosted in 2014 again. But I will look around a bit more. If you have a suggestion let me know.

Have a great Saturday, Tobia

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas

merry christmas


My dear Reader,

I want to wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family in a cozy atmosphere and lovely stories. Oh and a nice meal. And some time to gather your thoughts, reflect this year and planning a bit for 2014. That is what I do and I just love it.

Merry Christmas

I am so looking forward to our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. It’s always prepared by my Dad and is quite a happening. But that is a story for another day. And on Christmas Day my Mom is making a goose. So you see lots of eating on my end.

Usually we walk through the snow too but that doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe I need to make some more snowballs.

Have a wonderful Holiday! Tobia

Let it snow * Snowball Tutorial

snowball made of cotton pads tutorial

Hey Holidayers,

it’s 8°C outside while I am writing this post. Can you believe it? It’s winter! Not only in our hearts but also meteorologically. So come one Petrus, wake up!

But I do have a back-up plan in case he’s just not on time for Christmas. A snowball tutorial. Those snow balls will not melt. Isn’t that great? And while I’ll be working you have all the time to make yourself some. Here is how:

snow ball tutorial

1. Try to find cotton pads without any imprint and especially without sewed edges. Look at the upper one how fluffy it is. That is what your are looking for. I got mine at Rossmann.

2. Fold them to quarters and glue the tip.

3. Glue four of the quarter pieces together. Important to only glue the tip not the outer edges. Otherwise the snowball will not fan out as nicely.

4. Now bend them so you have a circle. Don’t let them dry. You get a better shape if you do this step right away. Now you have two halfs of the snowball. You can use them as gift decor too.

5. Glue two halfs together. You are done. Let’s have an indoor snow fight.

I’ve done a few last year and decorated them with pine cones and little gifts in a big glass jar. This year I need lots more. It will be part of my wedding decor. So if you are bored send some my way. I am about 300 short…

Have a wonderful day before Christmas, Tobia

Last Minute Christmas Present * Vanilla Green Tea

gift idea homade vanilla green tea

Hey there,

are you in the middle of a christmas rush? Getting the tree decorated, the gifts wrapped and shopping lists written? I am still wondering if we should get a christmas tree. I love it when we have one but I really don’t feel like decorating this year. And I don’t have any candles yet and that can be a pain in the a** one day prior. But gift wrapping is on my agenda today.

And I do have a quick last minute christmas present. For all those surprise visitors or if time runs out or if you plainly forgot. Here it comes:

Vanilla Green Tea

♥ Green Tea (I got mine here)
♥ Vanilla bean

last minute christmas present

All you have to do is scrape out the seeds and mix well with the green tea. (Best practice: Put it in a jar and shake like crazy!) Now cut up the vanilla bean in tini-tiny pieces and mix under your green tea. And you are done…

last minute christmas present

Now you have all the time to decorate your gift box or container. Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest board Gift Wrapping Mania. You could also sew little tea bags like I’ve done last year with my chai tea. Whatever you come up with – have fun and enjoy our 4. Advent.

On a side note: this would be a wonderful gift for yourself. I bet you deserve it!

Cheers, Tobia