My 2017: Five years of blogging

You are probably all busy with New Years Eve preparations and no one has time reading along. That is ok. This post is probably more to my entertainment than yours. But I don’t like to break the chain and so here is my recap of blogging for year five! And if you find this interesting I am happy (and if being a numbers nerd read about 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

For me year five is a big achievement on this blog. It has never been a source of income or has never been stated to be that one day. I always set out to blog to be more creative and engage with people in the internet. Did I achieve those things in 2017… maybe parts.

creative blog growing

My biggest blogging achievement this year is no doubt my participation on NaBloPoMo and therefore my blogposts have almost doubled this year to a total of 48. Besides November (obviously) January was my strongest blogging month. My favorite article this year was my tribute to my grandparents while you loved this DIY one the most. The most comments got this post though. And your over all all-time favorite are moodboards, wreath ideas and cake pops.

Thank you for everyone stopping by and leaving a comment. I know we are all busy and coming to a blog and then writing something is taking a special effort. Special thanks to my most active commentators San and Rea. I made a conscious effort to leave three comments a day but after the first 5 months was a bit too busy to catch up on all my reading.

I have been hanging around a lot on Instagram (202) lately and also started a mere photography account (62), Pinterest (371) is always a nice way to spend some extra minutes hours so make sure to say hi. And is there anyone on Twitter (237) still? I used to love it so much but nothing happens there anymore… I switch my feedreader from bloglovin (43) to Feedly (10) and was wondering how do you read your blogs?

As a frequent reader you might know I am not to fond of this last day of the year and the ongoing celebrations that have more and more war zones resemblance than cozy fireworks. So I will hide in my nook and write up some resolutions for 2018. Stop by tomorrow to read my annual post.

Happy last day of 2017,


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